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Refresher Training

Refresher Training

Knowing how important constant, relevant and up to date training is to our customers, carers and office staff, we not only conduct the weekly 5 day residential training for all new recruits but now refresher training for all staff.

Refresher training takes place every Friday at our bespoke training centre in Alcester and it does what it says on the tin – it refreshes memory and gives Carers a chance to interact on a one to one basis with our trainers and ask any questions or raise and concerns that they may have regarding care and best practice.

The refresher training is for helping Hands Carers and office staff who have not received recent training (within the last two years). We know how easy it is to forget certain elements from the original training week over time and for bad habits to start to creep in. The trainers- most of whom have been carers or are still, know how easy it is to start to take shortcuts due to time constraints or heavy work loads. They will address these habits and also advise the carers on changes in laws and best practices.

The day runs from 9:15 to 5:00pm and after all the trainees have got a cup of tea the training starts. It is an intensive day with a lot to get through. Among the subjects covered are Law, Risk Assessments and Basic Principles of Safer Handling.

The trainers put on a demonstration highlighting good vs. bad practices and the carers are able to practice and get hands on experience using equipment that many come across in their daily caring lives.

Carers find the training very useful, we recently received this comment from one of our Hourly Carers, Jackie who attended the training a few weeks ago.

“The mandatory refresher training is wonderful, both myself and my colleagues who work in the Bromsgrove area have found that it has really helped us in our roles as carer’s. We feel more confident to complete tasks and now know that we are doing them correctly. I will be booking both myself and my daughter back on the training in a few months even though we understand that we don’t need to take part until next year again.”

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