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Residential care home or live in care: the difficult choice

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Posted on 8th September 2011.

The terrible realisation that an elderly relative is no longer able to look after themselves fully is one of the most anxious and stressful times in anyone’s life; the importance of making the right decision with your loved one’s care needs can weigh heavy on your shoulders.

This situation is often compounded by the fact that there is so little information provided about what the options are – leading many to contact the local residential care home almost by default.

Residential care homes are a crucial part of the UK’s elderly care portfolio and without them the country would not be able to adequately care for its elderly, but it’s important that families understand that alternatives to Residential care homes, such as care at home or live-in-care, do exist and often are the more suitable option.

Whilst good residential care homes can provide care and sense of community to the elderly, care at home allows your loved ones to remain in their own homes and retain their sense of independence and dignity which is so very important to them.  Little things such as the fact that your elderly relative is able to stay with a beloved pet can make such a difference to their sense of wellbeing.

Recent events surrounding residential care home operator Southern Cross will have done little to inspire confidence in the residential care home industry as a whole – almost certainly a factor in the recent increase in enquiries that organisations specialising in live in care have received.

Live in care offers many distinct advantages over residential care homes; most notably the fact that the elderly person in question is able to remain in their own home in the familiar and relaxed surroundings that they are used to, rather than move to the new surroundings of a residential care home.    Live in care also ensures that your loved ones are given specialist one-to-one attention throughout the day, by professional and highly trained carers.

The decision about how best to care for an elderly relative is never easy, whether you choose to care for your loved ones with live in care, hourly care or at a residential care home, making that decision having considered all of the information will leave you much more comfortable with the choice you have made for your loved one’s care needs.

To discuss the merits of live in care compared to residential care homes, please contact Helping Hands at 0808 180 9455, email us at or visit our website

Good luck with whatever you choose.

Sally Tomkotowicz