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Down’s syndrome care

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Specialist Down’s syndrome care for extra reassurance

People with Down’s syndrome are able to live a life full of joy and contentment with either a little or a lot of extra support, and with care from Helping Hands, we can ensure that you or a loved one gets exactly the right level of care you need to feel completely fulfilled.

Whether you need live-in care for constant round-the-clock support or if you need regular visits from our local home care teams, we have the skills, expertise and knowledge to put a package of care into place that is entirely catered to your needs, routines and preferences.

We will work with you and your family to find out exactly what you need assistance with so that everything is tailor-made for you. We can support those living with Down’s syndrome with:

  • Personal care, washing and dressing
  • Administering medication safely
  • Light household duties such as vacuuming, laundry and cooking
  • Assistance with admin such as paying bills correctly
  • Getting out and about in the local community and meeting with friends

Care isn’t just about tending to the practicalities; it’s about ensuring you are supported in mind, body and spirit. Our compassionate and friendly carers will make sure that they are sensitive to your emotional needs and help you to maintain your circle of friends.

We understand how important routine and consistency is to someone with Down’s syndrome. That’s why we’ll ensure you have the same carers that dedicate their time to you, so that you can get to know them and build up a rapport with them. So, whether you need support at home, getting to and from work or going to the shops, they will always be there for you.

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What is Down’s syndrome?

Down’s syndrome is caused when there is an extra chromosome in a person’s cells – so instead of having 46 they have 47, or one chromosome may have an extra part. This occurs with chromosome 21 specifically. In most cases, Down’s syndrome is not inherited and happens as a result of a genetic change in the sperm or egg at conception. However, there is a link between the occurrence of the condition as a woman’s age increases.

This condition affects all ages, races and backgrounds and there are approximately 40,000 people currently living with Down’s syndrome in the UK.

Those that live with the condition all have some element of learning disability and delayed development, but this can vary between each individual. People with Down’s syndrome are more likely to develop heart conditions, digestive problems, under-active thyroids and visual or hearing impairments. There is also an increased chance that they may develop dementia at a younger age.

Independent supported living with down's syndrome

Down’s syndrome affects each individual entirely differently. Some people may need very little support, whereas others may need someone to pop in regularly throughout the day or even require a live-in carer. Whatever your care needs are, we will meet with you and your family to decide exactly what you need and when. And if your needs change, we can alter your care plan at any time to reflect your new care routine.

People with Down’s syndrome can be more susceptible to certain health conditions, so if you have regular medical appointments – such as blood tests, hearing or eye tests or heart check-ups – we can fully support you and accompany you to them if you require. Our carers will also work closely with Speech and Language Therapists or Occupational Therapists that are involved in maintaining your care, so that your health and wellbeing are always prioritised.

For some people living with Down’s syndrome, going to work is an important part of their routine. It can enable you to become more independent, gain new skills and meet different people that may even become friends. Whether you are in paid or voluntary work, your dedicated carer can accompany you to and from work ensuring that you’re confident to fulfil your ambitions.

Forming and maintaining relationships is a large part of anyone’s life, but this can be a vital part of a person’s life if they live with Down’s syndrome. Our dedicated carers will work alongside you to ensure you feel comfortable in different social environments and understand how to respond appropriately. Your carer will get to know you and your habits, enabling them to learn how to support you appropriately with different triggers or emotional responses. That way, you and your family all have peace of mind that absolutely all of your needs are taken care of.

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Page reviewed by Deanna Lane, Senior Regional Clinical Lead on April 16, 2021

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