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When you or a loved one has received a dementia diagnosis, it can be a difficult time for you all. You probably have lots of questions and are perhaps unsure whether you’ll be able to stay living in your beloved home. With live-in dementia care from Helping Hands, you can rest assured that you’ll never have to leave the comfort and familiarity of your own home in order to receive the appropriate care.

Whether you need 24-hour care whilst you are in the latter stages of Alzheimer’s, or you want extra peace of mind that someone will be there to help you go about your daily activities – live-in care allows you to have the freedom and flexibility of always having someone on hand throughout the day and night, should you need them.

All of our live-in carers receive detailed dementia training as part of our award-winning training programme so that they will be able to provide the support and reassurance that you need when living with the condition. What’s more, we’ll make sure that your live-in carer matches you in both experience and personality – so if you have vascular dementia and require help with personal care but also have a particular love for football, we’ll work with you to find a carer that is able to help with your practical needs, but is happy to accompany you to cheer on your favourite team.

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Jayne Vale, Dementia Specialist

Jayne Vale, Carer Trainer & Lead Dementia Specialist Jayne Vale has worked for Helping Hands for over 15 years and has supported many individuals to live well with dementia. After acquiring several qualifications, including studying at Worcester University to become a Dementia Champion, Jayne has become one of our prestigious dementia experts.

Jayne has also been the driving force behind Dementia Awareness Days – held for families with loved ones living with the condition – providing insightful information, tips on being a dementia carer and offering unwavering support to those affected by the condition.

Having experienced dementia first-hand with her grandfather, Jayne not only supports our customers who have the condition, but also her fellow carers who provide regular reassurance and assistance to those living with dementia. She recognises how important it is to ensure those that are close to someone with dementia are fully supported and have the space to discuss their concerns and emotions.

How can live-in care help those with dementia?

Tailored care plans

As dementia home care specialists, we recognise how important it is to maintain a routine and to keep disruption to a minimum for anyone that is living with the condition. That’s why we’ll work with you and your loved ones to create a tailored care plan that fits in with your life and personal preferences, whilst also making sure you get the very best care.

Care in your own home

Live-in care also means that you can stay in the comfort of your own home without the stress and upheaval of moving into residential care, where you may be further away from your family than you would like. One of the challenges of dementia is confusion and disorientation, so it makes sense that you surround yourself with an environment that you are familiar with, which is what live-in care within your home can offer you.

One-to-one care from the same carer

Having the same carer provides you with consistency of care and someone that you can get to know and build a rapport with. Having one-to-one care from the same person instead of a variety of different carers that you might have in a nursing home, means that you create a mutual trust and understanding for one another. For example, you may need support with your personal care, but your live-in carer will know which elements you need help with and what you prefer to do for yourself. They’ll also help you to remember things that are important to you – for instance, you may have shared an afternoon together in your childhood town and need gentle prompts to remember the people you met and the activities you took part in.

Transition to palliative care

For those that are in the advanced stages of dementia, live-in care may evolve into palliative care. With a carer in place that is already familiar with you, your routine and your loved ones, this transition can be made in a dignified and seamless way, ensuring your wishes are carried out the way you would like and you feel comfortable and cared for.

Continue with hobbies and social activities

Many of our customers who have live-in dementia care find that their carer becomes more like a friend or an extended member of the family. Not only is a carer there to support you with the practicalities, they can help you to maintain your independence and the hobbies you love. So, instead of worrying about getting lost when trying to find your favourite café, your carer can accompany you so that you can enjoy some fresh air and a change of scenery.

Support with housework and looking after pets

Not only will your live-in carer support you with personal care, administering medication and helping you to mobilise safely, they can make sure your house is clean and tidy and that your cupboards are stocked up. From doing your laundry, changing the beds and washing up, to taking the bins out, accompanying you to the shops and cooking your tea – everything will be tended to. And if you have a pet that you absolutely adore, they can help with that too. Whether your canine companion needs a couple of walks a day or you need gentle reminders to feed your cat – they will never go without.

The benefits of live-in care for dementia

There are many facets to dementia, which is why so many people find the condition difficult to discuss and a daunting prospect to deal with. Having 24-hour live-in care could be an ideal solution for you or a loved one, allowing them to feel safe and supported in the comfort of their own home.

There are many benefits of having live-in dementia care, such as:

  • 24-hour assistance
  • No distressing upheaval of moving into a care home
  • Person-centred care on your terms
  • One-to-one care and attention
  • Keeping beloved pets
  • Staying with your spouse or partner
  • Familiarity of a comfortable home environment
  • Establish routines and trust with your carer
  • Maintain social life and hobbies

Page reviewed by Jayne Vale, Dementia Specialist on November 7, 2019

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