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Dementia care in Brentwood

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Dementia support in Brentwood from Helping Hands

Receiving a diagnosis of dementia can be upsetting and unsettling for the person diagnosed, as well as their family and friends. Sometimes though it can actually be a relief after a long period of worry about yours or a loved one’s memory decreasing in reliability or other symptoms.
Initially, you may have noticed a loved-one struggling to recall people and places, or perhaps it’s to do with times of day or confusion over whether they’ve eaten or taken their medication. Regardless of how it develops, you may find that you are struggling to provide the level of home care that your loved one requires and that’s where your friendly local Helping Hands Brentwood home carers can help.

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Why dementia home care is a good option

Care at home for someone living with dementia can be a positive thing, as being in their own home, with photographs and objects that they’ve seen every day for years can help to keep a sense of order in their life. This can be especially true if they still have loved ones or beloved pets in the house. The feelings of confusion and anxiety that can be common with dementia as it progresses needs careful handling, preferably by someone who understands the condition that the person is living with, whether it be Alzheimer’s, vascular dementia or a less common variant. Helping Hands has been supporting people living with dementia to live as independently as possible in their own homes for over 30 years, which is why we’re considered dementia care specialists.

Dementia care services tailored to you

You might find you need support with housework, meal preparation, you’d like some companionship or help with many other tasks that your carers can support you with. We offer visiting care or live-in care, and both will see you cared for to the highest standards by our compassionate, dementia expert carers. Visiting care means that you’ll have a carer or carers come to your home at pre-arranged times to deliver essential care for you, but once the visit is concluded they’ll leave to do the same for someone else. Live-in care however means you’ll have a carer living in your home with you around the clock, which is often an especially reassuring presence in the house for the loved ones of someone living with later stage dementia. It’s understandable that inviting someone you don’t know into your loved-one’s home to care for them, whether on a visiting basis or live-in, can be daunting, but the Brentwood care team will work hard to ensure you are reassured by the carer’s presence and that they soon become a welcome friend who you look forward to seeing.

Qualified dementia carers in Brentwood

Helping Hands is fully regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and the Care Inspectorate Wales, so you can be confident that you are receiving high quality carers to support you or your loved ones. All Helping Hands carers go through a rigorous training programme including extensive instruction on dementia care, so are ready to support their customer with every aspect of their care journey, emotionally and physically. We are also part of the Dementia Action Alliance, which is a partnership between many organisations who have the welfare and standards of living of people living with dementia as their foremost priority.

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Call our friendly customer care specialists seven days a week to discuss how Helping Hands can support you or your loved ones on their dementia journey. Alternatively, contact us through our website and we’ll be happy to call you back at your convenience.