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Elderly Care in Chesterfield

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Why choose Chesterfield elderly home care?

Many of our customers are seniors who have found that, with age, certain everyday tasks have become a little more challenging than they used to be. Helping Hands specializes in elderly home care to support you in the home you love, as you go about living the life you want to live. Our philosophy is to deliver tailored, high quality care on the terms that best suit you, so that you lose none of your freedom and independence.

Elderly care can be provided on either a live-in care basis for round-the-clock support, or more occasionally with visiting care, where a carer comes to your home at intervals that work best for your lifestyle. Helping Hands is also ready to step in with emergency or overnight care should the situation warrant it, and we can arrange emergency support within just 24 hours of you contacting us. If you are a carer for someone else, or already have a carer in place, we can supply a respite carer to step in and take over care duties while you take a break.

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Our Chesterfield elderly care team

At Helping Hands it’s our firm belief that age shouldn’t limit you, and that there are always ways to carry on living your best life in the home you’re happiest in. Our home care Chesterfield team is made of hand-picked carers that are the some of the most experienced and compassionate in the industry. To us, elderly home care is about so much more than helping out with daily tasks or being there to sort out practicalities. Rather, we always strive to offer full, personal support, and that includes really taking the time to get to know you and your preferences, so we can work around you.

We know that sometimes what’s most needed from a carer is a friendly chat and some good company over a shared cup of tea. We’re here to offer emotional reassurance, companionship and a genuine human connection. Whatever it is that you need, our staff are more than happy to find ways to make your life a little easier every day.

Chesterfield home care for seniors

The greatest benefit of receiving elderly care at home is the convenience. While it is always a possibility to move to a residential care facility, we understand that not everyone is happy to leave their homes, and might feel that only a light touch is needed, with occasional support, rather than living in an unfamiliar care home 24/7. The advantage of Helping Hands elderly support is that you can customize the degree of care to suit you. You can always be assured that you are receiving the help you need, when you need it, while all your habits and routines are kept in place, and your preferences respected.

Helping Hands Chesterfield elderly support

The elderly care services you receive depend on you. When you reach out to Helping Hands, we’ll carefully design a care plan, and assign you a carer that we think will understand you best. Whether you receive support once a week or continuously, your carer will take the time to give you the attention you deserve.

Our carers will work with you to drastically improve your quality of life. They can look after the shopping and make sure a healthy meal is prepared. They can sort out housework or feed pets, assist you with personal grooming, showering and dressing, and they can help you collect prescriptions or remind you to take your medication. Many seniors experience ongoing health concerns or mobility issues; our carers are fully trained to support you in exactly the way you need.

Emergency care assistance

Life doesn’t always go according to plan, and sometimes accidents or emergencies do happen. Helping Hands is here for you, and we can send emergency support as soon as possible to make sure you’re taken care of. We can stay with you overnight or send emergency respite care should your ordinary carer not be available. We’re also there for you after an accident or a hospital stay, for example, so you get the extra assistance you need until you get on your feet. We know how important it is to be flexible, and we’re there to help even if plans change last minute.

Contact us to receive elderly care

Choosing to receive professional elderly home care can be a big decision, and not one to take lightly. Our customer care team is on hand to answer questions you may have about whether home care is a good option for you.