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Dementia Care in Northallerton

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Northallerton domiciliary support from Helping Hands

Being diagnosed with dementia can be difficult for both the person and their loved ones, however sometimes finally receiving a diagnosis after a long period of uncertainty means you can make plans and get answers for the many questions you’ll have. One of these may be around future care provision should you need it, and that’s where dementia home care in Northallerton can make all the difference to your daily routine and comfort.

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When to choose dementia care

It’s possible to live well with dementia and indeed many people do, for a long time before additional care is required. However, if you or a loved one is finding life at home more challenging, due to confusion, poor memory, mobility difficulties, or other symptoms, our fantastic carers can be a source of support and reassurance for you and those you love, whether you need us on a visiting or live-in basis.

Dementia care services tailored to you

When you’re living with dementia, routine can be very important. Keeping your days full and making sure that you have stimulating activities when you want them can help to keep anxiety and confusion at bay. We work hard to make sure that your care package is designed so that your days run to the routine you’ve always lived by, while keeping it flexible enough to change quickly if your needs do. Your personalised support plan will detail the ways you live your life at home, and because you’re in familiar surroundings with people you know and trust, your emotional wellbeing will be supported too. Whether we’re coming in for an hour a day to give loved ones a break or we’re supporting you around the clock, your wellbeing, safety, and comfort will always be our top priority.

Qualified dementia carers in Northallerton

We really understand dementia, because we’ve been supporting people living with different types of dementia for more than 30 years. Whether Alzheimer’s disease, vascular, or fronto-temporal dementia, we have plenty of experience, as well as with many rarer types. Our carers are given all the skills they’ll need to support people who are living with dementia, regardless of how much experience they already have, and for those customers who have more complex requirements, we also offer nurse-led care. We’re very particular about the people we employ at Helping Hands, typically only taking on around two percent of carer applications. This is because we need to be sure that they have the naturally compassionate qualities that we insist upon in all our carers. We carefully check their backgrounds and references when they join us too, so that you and your family can be confident about the people coming into your home. Our care services are also fully regulated by the Care Quality Commission, so you can always be sure you’re in the very best hands.

Contact us for dementia support

Talk to us today via our website or on the phone so that we can answer all of your questions about dementia care at home in Northallerton. You can also find the closest branch to you here, where you can chat to the local care team.