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Long Term Care in Plymouth

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What is long term care?

If you, or a loved one, are finding that you’re no longer able to keep on top of your daily tasks, routines and chores, or would simply benefit from having an extra pair of hands to help out around the home, you may wish to consider investigating long term care as a way to maintain your quality of life and independence.

Long term care exists to provide a consistent, regulated care service that meets a broad range of care needs whilst still addressing more specific needs that might relate to a person’s medical condition.

Who is suitable for long term care?

Long term care is for anyone requiring extra assistance to cope from day to day. Traditionally, people needing outside support would have moved to a residential nursing home, but an increasing number of people are now opting to instead remain at home for specialist one-to-one visiting care or live in care.

Long term care at home is adaptable to your circumstances and condition, meaning all your needs will be covered and your care plan can be tailored to suit your wishes. We’ll provide you with a bespoke package of care that will ensure you’re never left feeling isolated or unsupported, and will constantly review your care needs so that amendments can be made to your plan whenever necessary.

Plymouth long term care from Helping Hands

When you choose long term care from our outstanding Plymouth Home Care team, you’ll be partnering with a care provider who have been delivering exceptional, person-centred home care to customers across England and Wales for over 30 years.

With such extensive experience and expertise in our DNA, we know what makes for a truly great carer, which is why our Plymouth care branch comprises such a wonderful team of compassionate, dedicated carers who constantly go above and beyond to ensure every customer receives the first-rate care they expect from us.

Your well-being will always be at the heart of every decision that’s made; we want to make sure you’re able to live confidently and independently in the home that you love for as long as possible. We’re also fully regulated by the Care Quality Commission and Care Inspectorate Wales.

Contact us to arrange long term care

If you’d like to find out more about our long term care provision and how our carers can support you to remain independent and comfortable for as long as possible, call our friendly customer care team today or contact us via our website and we’ll call you back at your convenience.

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