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Palliative Care in Sunderland

What Sunderland Palliative Care Services are Available?

When you or a loved one are diagnosed with a serious or terminal illness, it’s likely that at some point you will require palliative care. Palliative care is a specialised branch of care that focuses on helping people to manage the pain, symptoms and stress that can occur as a result of a serious condition. Traditionally palliative care has been received in a residential nursing home or hospice, but recently an increasing number of people are choosing to instead remain at home for it, allowing them to stay in a place where they feel secure, comfortable and able to maintain many of their normal routines. At Helping Hands, we’re committed to providing expert palliative home care that gives people independence and confidence.

End of Life Care in Sunderland

End-of-life care is a specialised branch of care that is reserved for people with a terminal illness who are in the final few months or weeks of life. The main focus of end-of-life care is to manage the individual’s pain levels, symptoms and emotional wellbeing to ensure the final stages of life are as stress-free and comfortable as possible. We all want our loved ones to experience a dignified, peaceful death, and that’s ultimately what end-of-life care helps to achieve.

At Helping Hands, we offer specialist end-of-life care to customers in the comfortable, familiar surroundings of their own home, rather than requiring them to uproot to a care home or a hospice. This means you’re able to remain the place you love, where you have fond memories and feel secure, to receive all the physical and emotional support you require as your condition progresses. Our end-of-life care is fully tailored to your specific requirements and wishes, meaning you’ll always never feel isolated or unable to cope.

Why Choose our Sunderland Palliative Care Team?

Our Sunderland home care team are on hand to meet all of your palliative care needs. At Helping Hands, we’ve been delivering industry-leading home care since 1989, and have helped thousands of customers to remain independent and comfortable in the reassuring surroundings of their own home. Our rigorous recruitment process ensures that all of our carers are specifically recruited for their empathetic qualities and their commitment to providing excellent person-centred care, and each carer will undergo thorough background checks before joining us. Upon starting at Helping Hands, all staff members are enrolled in our award-winning training programme which equips them to handle a wide range of tasks and provide expert assistance to our customers, whatever their condition. This training is supplemented by regular refresher courses to ensure best practices are always being followed. Additionally, all of our care is independently regulated by the Care Quality Commission and Care Inspectorate Wales, which helps us to maintain exceptional levels of care every day.

How to Arrange Palliative Care in Sunderland

Whether you’d like to arrange palliative care or simply have questions about our palliative care service, our friendly customer support team are always on hand to help. You can contact them seven days a week on 0333 060 9670, or get in touch via our website to arrange a convenient time for them to call you back.

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