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A Family’s Compliment – Live In Dementia Care

We saw a letter this morning from a lady whose father we supported during the last stages of Dementia and have had her permission to share it with you. This really is the difference the right support can make.

I wanted to thank you for your assistance and how much we appreciated the work of Egons these past 9 months as well as to mention the help of Martin and David who, though with us for a relatively short time, gave absolutely sterling support too.

Egons, who has been with us for nearly 9 months was just the right person to come into our family at this time and gave the help and support that we all needed. My father was entering a very complex psychological phase of the disease with greatly increased dementia and Egon’s training in psychology and his work in his countrys diplomatic service meant that he had many excellent skills that he was able to put to really good use, as well as his high level of commitment, sense of responsibility, attention to detail and his general training in the care of the elderly. I am convinced that my father was able to remain at home for a far longer period as a result of this high level of care and the family are all extremely grateful.

We would like to give him our warmest thanks and strongest recommendation. He deserves a medal for his round the clock service and 100% commitment to his work. “

We support many many people with dementia, because of its nature the benefit of the support ripples across the wider family too.  If this strikes a chord with you then we may be able to help, there is more information on our dementia care page or our advisors are only a phone call away.

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