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Celebrating our Carers

At Helping Hands, we believe that the fantastic work that all of our carers do should always be celebrated. These wonderful and selfless individuals are always there to support people living with various conditions, always putting them first and ensuring that they have all the care and emotional support that they need.

Over the last month, the work of home carers all around the UK has been getting even more coverage in the media thanks to Celebrating Carers Week, and so we would like to take this opportunity to pay tribute to the work that all carers do on a daily basis.

So what exactly do we mean by a ‘carer’?

One definition describes a carer as a ‘family member or paid helper who looks after a child, or a sick, elderly, or disabled person.’ However, there is much more to care than just looking after someone; it also allows a person to live a fulfilled life, and enjoy the things that matter most to them. Many of our carers build a close bond or relationship with their customers through companionship and getting involved in their customer’s hobbies and interests, and genuinely make a difference to their lives.

One of our customers recently stated:

“I have been very impressed by Helping Hands as they have played a critical part in getting my mother back on her feet. After being in intensive care, Mum was very frail both physically and emotionally; she just couldn’t be left. We tried to manage with friends and family but despite valiant efforts it was just too difficult to provide the care mum needed and after one particularly trying night we phoned Helping Hands. It happened to be a Saturday and we felt immediately better. Some caring and able people were able to help and reassure us and nothing seemed too much trouble. After a thorough meeting with the local manager, we had live-in care in place within a week and Mum felt supported immediately and set on the road to recovery. Mum has been helped to relearn the life skills she needs and we are confident she will be able to cope but it is reassuring to know that Helping Hands are just a phone call away.”

Stories like this happen all around the UK, and it is so important the great work that carers do continues to be celebrated. For carers, seeing the difference that they make to a person’s life is so rewarding, and many of them will have their own care story to tell.

So let’s give them a helping hand, and congratulate them!

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