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Changing your support provider

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Posted on 26th July 2017.

Thinking of changing your care support provider?

We often hear from families who are unhappy with the support they receive from their current care provider. Many of them are pleased to discover the many benefits of working with a direct employer like Helping Hands, especially when they used an introductory agency and directly employ their current care assistant.

Here are just a few of the reasons why many families decide to move their care support to Helping Hands.

Call us today on 03300376958 to find out more about our services and how we can support you in your move to Helping Hands.

All of our carers are employed directly by us

We can make guarantees around continuity of care and consistency of service because we directly employ all of our carers.

What ‘direct employment’ means is that the carers are employees of Helping Hands. With a network of regional managers, trainers, registered nurse and offices across England and Wales, we take responsibility for your carer’s ongoing supervision and management, as well as investing in award-winning training and continual professional development.

Unlike an introductory agency, having a live-in support worker from Helping Hands means that you don’t have the responsibilities of organising salary, insurance, expenses, annual leave, reference checks and appraisals – we’ll look after all of this, and more, for you.

We provide continuity of care

Typically our nurse-led live-in carers are with you for a number of weeks at a time. We strongly believe that continuity of the same carer has significant advantages over changing carers every two weeks, which often happens with other care companies.

By having the same support worker for a period of time, they develop a deeper level of understanding of your personal and often complex care needs and you benefit from a better quality of relationship. There is less disruption for you and your family, letting you settle into live-in support knowing you are not going to have to constantly adjust to new faces and personalities coming into your home. Many of our carers have been with the same customers for years.

Smooth handovers when your carer takes a break

The day before your carer is due to go on leave, another fully trained Helping Hands carer will arrive at your home for a comprehensive, overnight handover.

We are committed to ensuring that the change-over from one carer to another causes little or no disruption to you and your family. There is no additional charge for this part of our service.

Guaranteed cover

Our service comes guaranteed. It means you’re never left without without care.

If a carer becomes sick or must return home for any reason, we have the depth of resource to immediately supply a fully trained alternative carer. This continuity, coupled with the extensive change-over period, truly set us apart.

We are passionate about our carers and the extraordinary service they provide. This confidence in our experience, ability and scope means you never need to look elsewhere.

Call us on 03300376958 to speak to us about your care requirements and how we can support you.

Sally Tomkotowicz