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Concerned about taking a break? The options for respite care

A customer with her respite carer

A trained respite carer can step in when you need a break

When you care for somebody, it’s natural that you might have concerns about taking a break. However, it’s also important to know it’s okay to take a break when you need to, and we’re here to help if you do.

You shouldn’t feel guilty

There are many reasons why you might feel like you can’t take a break from looking after a loved one. A common reason we hear from informal carers is that they feel guilty about “abandoning” the person they care for.

When you care for someone on a regular basis, it’s normal to have feelings like this. You may feel like you’re solely responsible for your loved one’s care needs, or that somebody else won’t be able to provide the same level of care.

But everyone needs a break sometimes. And by taking a break, whether a couple of days or a few weeks, you‘ll reduce the strain on your health and wellbeing – feeling happy, fresh, revitalised and ready to provide care again.

Respite carers – just like you

It’s understandable that you may feel anxious about leaving the person you support with someone they don’t know.

But professional respite carers are no different to you. They’re trained to deliver medical support in the home. They’re passionate about what they do and have the best interests of those they care for at heart – just like you do.

Meeting your carer beforehand and getting to know them can be a great way to reassure you of this. Profiles of potential carers can often be provided so you can choose someone who not only provides the right care, but who also matches your loved one’s personality and interests.

We believe the best carers aren’t just carers – they’re trusted friends and good companions too.

A respite carer for life

Many respite carers form strong bonds with the people they’ve looked after on a temporary basis. These friendships last and often see them returning to provide short term care on numerous occasions.

If you’re happy with the carer and the service they provide, then whenever possible we’ll match you with them again if you need respite care in future. This means you can keep taking regular breaks if you want to, in the knowledge that your loved one will be cared for by someone they know and trust.

Respite services for complex conditions

More complex healthcare conditions require very specific levels of medical support. If your loved one is affected by a complex condition, it’s understandable that you might feel that care from a third party isn’t an option.

However, there are many respite care providers who offer specialist carers. You can find carers who understand the intricacies of caring for someone with MS (multiple sclerosis), dementia, brain injuries, spinal injuries, cerebral palsy, and many other conditions.

There are also specialist respite carers who can also provide nursing-led gastric, continence and ventilation care in the home.

A respite carer will never fully replace you and the role you play in the day-to-day life of your loved one. But they will ensure that they’re safe and that their medical needs are accounted for with minimal disruption to their lifestyle and routine.

Find out more about our respite care services. If you’d like to arrange respite care or just talk more about your options, please give us a call on 0808 274 7734. Our friendly team of care advisors is here to take your call seven days a week.

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