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Knowing when it’s time for home care

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Posted on 17th October 2017.
An elderly lady with her visiting carer

Extra help at home can make all the difference

There may be a time when you think you need extra support with everyday life. Perhaps daily household tasks are becoming increasingly difficult? Perhaps you need help with personal care? Or have you noticed that your partner or loved one is struggling to cope with everyday activities or taking care of themselves?

These difficulties could be related to medical needs, personal care needs, or the need for home support after an injury. If this is the case, it may be time to consider the option of support from a home carer which can be provided on a trial, short term or long term basis.

When to start considering home care

Other examples of when it may be time to consider care include:

  • Have you been discharged from hospital and require recovery time at home?
  • Are you looking to leave a care home and are unsure whether your needs can be met at home?
  • Are you struggling with everyday tasks, like dressing, shopping and cleaning?
  • Do you have a progressive medical condition that requires an increasing level of assistance?
  • Are you vulnerable to falls which may cause serious injury?
  • Are you forgetful and getting easily confused?
  • Do you require regular medical assistance for administering medication?
  • Have you lost weight from failure to cook and require prompting to eat?
  • Do you need assistance with personal care and hygiene?
  • Do you or your family need a break?
  • Do you need palliative care?

If you or somebody you know needs care, it’s important to take the first step by finding out what support is available. You might be surprised by how much is possible with home care today – even complex medical needs can often be taken care of at home with just a few hours per day.

Costs and funding of home care

Whatever the reason for needing home care, it’s never an easy decision to make. You may have concerns about cost, the level or quality of the care provided, or inviting a stranger into your home. These are all very common and understandable concerns to have.

If cost is an issue, remember that you may be eligible for funding from your local authority or continuing healthcare funding through the NHS. In any case, we will always be happy to provide a free home care consultation to assess your care needs, with no obligation to use our services. This will help you to decide on the next steps to take.

Drop us a line for more info

We understand that acknowledging and admitting care is needed can be daunting – whether it’s for yourself or a loved one. Let us put your mind at ease. We’re here to help, so please call us on 0808 274 7734 to talk about your needs.

Cleo Canning