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Caring for carers: how live-in carers receive extra support from their peers

Carer mentors Working as a live-in carer takes a lot of dedication, passion, and care. They are the ones who support people in their own homes, from helping them to get dressed and making their favourite meals all the way through to providing encouragement and emotional support. But what kind of support does a carer receive in their role?

Helping our carers to help our customers is incredibly important. Now, alongside the award-winning training and a locally based manager, each live-in carer has their own personal mentor to turn to if they have a query or concern.

Learn more about our carer mentors and how they’re part of a wider community of support.

Extra support from a carer mentor

“Sometimes all you can have is patience. Just talking about it is enough to offer relief and support.”

Panos, a carer mentor

Providing care on a one-to-one basis can be such an awarding role but it also comes with challenges. Having a dedicated mentor to talk to who has gone through similar experiences means that each live-in carer has a sounding board for any concerns or problems that arise and can develop into the role more fully.

“Being a mentor is incredibly rewarding. It brings me a sense of personal achievement and a more compassionate life.”

Violeta, a carer mentor

Some of our live-in carers travel from overseas, with the added pressure of settling in to a new way of life. A carer mentor is another port of call for a carer, in addition to their manager and our 24/7 carer helpline, if they want some extra advice or support.

Career development as a carer

“I don’t want to inspire my colleagues by how good I am. I want to inspire them by showing them how amazing they are.”

Dana, a carer mentor

The journey to becoming a live-in carer starts with in-depth practical training to take each applicant through the ins and outs of the role. Once they’ve graduated, they are ready to support someone at home, and we match them with a customer that is the best fit according to care needs, requirements and personality.

A career in care signals a career of continuous learning and development. There are always new or different ways to approach situations. Sometimes talking through scenarios with another experienced carer can be enough to help.

“Being a carer mentor means a connection for me. We help each other with advice and support and all work to the same goals.”

Brigitta, a carer mentor

Jill Hopcraft, Regional Care Director (East) at Helping Hands, shares about the positive impact the mentors are having. “Our carers are passionate and committed about supporting their customers to live as independently as possible in the comfort of their home. But because of the very nature of the job, living in a customer’s home, it’s so important to make sure the carer knows they’re not alone and that we’re here to help them too.

Jill added, “It’s a two-way relationship that is built between two carers, and while it’s there for a more experienced carer to share advice, it also empowers our mentors too and offers them even more job satisfaction from supporting a colleague.”

Work for a company that truly cares

If you’d like to work for a family-run care company that really supports you in your role and career development, get in touch with us today. Apply to be a live-in carer or find out more about the salary and benefits.

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