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Nursing home or Live In Care

“I don’t want to go into a nursing home.”

Perhaps the hardest struggle we see every day is families trying to find the best care solution for their loved ones. Mr Dore, one of our customers’ sons, sums up the emotional struggle he personally felt when finding care for his 93 year old mother. Born in a generation known for tremendous resourcefulness, Mr Dore’s mother was determined not to go into a nursing home; but as a loving son his own emotions played a part in his decision making process too. He was looking for more than just care.Lily Harvey and full time carer

Wynford says: “I always thought that when you get old, if you’re smiling quite a lot in old age, what has happened before in life is almost irrelevant. If you’re happy at the end, that is what matters. Tracey, our Live-in Carer has the kind of relationship with my mother that makes her laugh and smile a lot; I see a wonderful relationship and my mother is at peace because of that.

I hope I’m not embarrassing Tracey by talking about the daughter my mother always wanted to be close to. It looks like that. It sounds likes that. The result can only be when there is that kind of bond and relationship there, it’s very special. I can’t imagine it happens very often but you guys are awesome, so maybe you achieve it even more often than I thought possible.”

In this powerful video Wynford talks about complex families – which we can all identify with – and his journey to finding the right care.


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