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Dementia Care at Home – Can it help?

If you are exploring the options of how to support a loved one with dementia, considering dementia care at home is now at the top of many families’ lists. If diagnosed with dementia, many people may want to stay in their own home for as long as possible, close to the people they love, and their own possessions in familiar surroundings.

According to research conducted by the Alzheimer’s society, 85% of people who could suffer with dementia would want to remain at home for as long as possible. And staying at home could potentially be beneficial to someone living with dementia.

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How person centred dementia care can help

When it comes to caring for someone with dementia, eliminating any upheaval or disruption to that person’s everyday life can be hugely beneficial to their well-being. This is why the healthcare and professional teams at Helping Hands know that live-in dementia care is an excellent option to consider.


A person centred approach to caring for someone with dementia can be specifically tailored to the needs and symptoms of the individual, so that any changes in symptoms can be carefully monitored and adapted to by one dedicated carer, rather than different carers who are looking after lots of people.

Dementia nursing care plan in familiar surroundings

A dementia nursing-led care plan offered by a specially trained carer, in the familiar surroundings of the customer’s own home can significantly reduce anxiety of the customer as well as potential difficult behaviours. An expert carer can help to calm certain agitations that may come about at certain times of day. This will be achieved by identifying behavioural patterns in an individual living with dementia early on, and focussing on what triggers certain symptoms and using techniques to calm challenges.

If you opt for live-in dementia care from a specialist Helping Hands carer, you will benefit from a carer who has extensive experience dealing with dementia as well as helping families to communicate and care for their loved one. Our team of dementia specialists have developed techniques to help cope with the symptoms of dementia.

These techniques work alongside a dementia tool kit, aimed at successfully engaging with someone who lives with the symptoms of dementia. It is designed around the fact that visual prompts can be useful to refresh a forgotten memory and encourage discussion. Within the Helping Hands dementia tool kit you will find visual planners, used to remind the individual of regular daily activities, such as preparing meals. These planners can be personalised to fit the individual’s daily routine. The tool kit also includes cards with images on, again used to prompt the individual to do something that they may otherwise forget to do.

Request your free dementia tool kit today and benefit from techniques that will engage and prompt your loved one to live their everyday life as they would normally intend to.

Dementia care training available to specialist carers

Our team of dementia specialists at Helping Hands have gone through rigorous training to develop detailed dementia care plans for their customers. As they have undergone training delivered by Dementia UK our dementia experts are knowledgeable regarding all aspects of the condition, and how it affects the brain. Our team of dementia specialists are trained at the University of Worcester’s Association for Dementia Studies, where they concentrate on working with each individual separately, to better support day-to-day life. There is also a specific focus on our carers helping families to cope with the everyday challenges they may face.

Our carers are continuously training and keeping up to date with any medical advances which could alter the way that we care for our customers who live with dementia. Over 50% of our customers live with dementia in varying degrees, and with over 25 years’ experience caring for customers who have dementia, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with an individual dementia care plan that is tailored specifically to that person’s needs and symptoms.

If you require more information on how a specialist dementia care plan from Helping Hands could help you or your loved one contact us today, or learn more about our live-in dementia care specialists online.

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