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Helping Hands’ commitment to dementia care

Here at Helping Hands, we understand how a dementia effects and alters the lives of everyone it touches – from the individual with a dementia diagnosis to their family and loved ones around them. Our dementia expert and champions ensure that the home care our carers deliver is completed tailored to the individual and their preferences, so that they can live well at home with dementia.

With over 900,000 people in the UK currently diagnosed with dementia (Alzheimer’s Society, Dec 2021) and this number set to rise sharply in the next few years, it’s more important than ever that we can provide the right support for those living with dementia at home. That’s why we are committed to providing exceptional dementia care that uses the latest practices and guidelines.

Specialist home care is at the very heart of Helping Hands, and we are determined to help families stay together in their own homes as much as possible. Call our customer support team today to find out how we can help your family.

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Meet our dementia expert

Deanna Lane

Deanna Lane Deanna is our Senior Clinical Lead and Dementia Expert for Helping Hands. She is a registered nurse and has a wealth of experience in care, having previously managed care homes, working with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) as a registered manager and even winning Care Home Manager of the Year in 2012.

She is now responsible for all our clinical care with her team of registered nurses, ensuring customers are safely cared for in their homes who have complex care needs, including dementia. Deanna is also our dementia expert, having supported hundreds of people living with dementia whilst she managed care homes and also making a film for the Social Care Institute of Excellence (SCIE) on dementia and end-of-life care.

At Helping Hands, she creates all the dementia training delivered to our carers across the company and ensures it reflects the latest practices. Deanna is also the point of contact for any members of staff who need support for customers with care needs related to their dementia, helping them to find strategies and solutions for specific scenarios.

Deanna is an advocate for person-centred care for all our customers and believes that this is a huge benefit of receiving dementia care at home.

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In my professional and personal life, I have experienced the impacts of dementia for customers and their families and that of my own families’ experiences.  I am passionate about living well with dementia and promoting that at Helping Hands.

In the care homes I managed, I had teams of staff that won awards for the dementia care we gave both to customers and their families. The homes I managed had excellent reputations for great dementia care.  Supporting my own family with dementia and finding ways of coping with the changing needs was at times difficult and emotional. I learnt a lot more about the feelings of loved ones in the journey and experienced both good and less good practices.  This strengthened my resolve to ensure we keep person-centred care at the heart of our practices at Helping Hands and give excellent care all of the time.

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Meet our dementia champions

Sarah Franklin

Sarah Franklin Sarah has worked for Helping Hands since 2016 and is a Dementia Champion and Content Writer. She started her journey at the company as a trainer for our live-in carers, delivering an in-house programme of comprehensive theoretical and practical training, including how to support those living with dementia.

Sarah’s passion for dementia has caused her to continuously keep her knowledge up-to-date and deliver informative sessions to office staff on what dementia is, the different types and how to support those living with one of the many types of dementia. Sarah is a dementia ambassador for Alzheimer’s Society and has also set up her own Community Interest Company called ‘Ending Loneliness’, which is dedicated to reducing loneliness and social isolation for the elderly and those with mental health difficulties. Find out more about Sarah here.

Helping Hands’ dementia expertise

As dementia specialists, we are dedicated to supporting as many people as possible live at home where they feel safe and at ease. To do this, we believe we have a unique set of attributes that make us a trusted dementia care provider that sets us apart from others.

Person-centred, dementia home care

Living with dementia can be very disorientating and confusing, made even more so by having to leave your beloved home and get used to the new routines of a care home. With care at home, you can receive personalised, tailored support without ever having to leave your home comforts. You can still remain part of your local community, live close to family and friends and stay by the side of a partner or spouse, with the added bonus of keeping any pets that provide vital companionship.

Having bespoke support in place means that your care plan is unique to you and takes into account all of your preferences and routines. So, if you have hobbies that you don’t want to give up, use specific cutlery at mealtimes or have a favourite chair you like to sit in, all of this can be accommodated for by our professional and empathetic care teams. We aim to minimise disruption and keep everything in place just how you like it, so that you can concentrate on living life how you choose to.

Specialist dementia training

All of our carers receive dementia training which covers theoretical and practical knowledge for supporting those living with the condition. Created and overseen by our Dementia Expert Deanna, training includes what dementia is, the different types of dementia, understanding the condition and the best way to support those with dementia.

We place a special emphasis on carers treating any of our customers with dementia with dignity, compassion and kindness, and to always remember that they are still the same person, even if they are unable to function as they used to. Patience is key to caring for someone with dementia, as carers may find they are having to repeat themselves, deal with different behaviours and support individuals who are experiencing confusion and cognitive impairment.

There is a dementia helpline for any carers who need additional support or advice for their customers, which is managed directly by Deanna.

Dementia-friendly branches

We are committed to being specialists in dementia throughout the company, which is why we are creating brand-new dementia-friendly branches in our local communities. Having this inclusive space means we can have an accessible space for anyone in the community to access and also provide an insight for carers, customers and their families on how a dementia-friendly home might look.

Our new branch fitouts include:

  • Clear labelling of key items such as pushing or pulling a door, the toilet, way out, etc.
  • A clock with a large display to help orient someone who struggles with the time of day
  • Plain colours of items without patterns, i.e., plain carpet colour to limit confusion when walking
  • Clear, widened and uncluttered walkways accessible to wheelchair users or those who require mobility aids
  • Bright spaces with plenty of natural light
  • A welcoming sitting area that resembles someone’s front room to make them feel more at home
  • A sensory bookshelf – an analogy to show how one’s memory changes when they have dementia

dementia friendly branch Wantage

dementia friendly branch Wimbledon

Affiliations with Dementia Action Alliance

Helping Hands are members of the Dementia Action Alliance (DAA), an organisation that facilitates dementia-friendly communities within the UK and who encourages working together with others to create the best outcomes for those with dementia. This includes leisure centres, retail outlets, hospitals, local authorities, health care providers and emergency services.

Dementia Action Alliance (DAA) logo We are dedicated to improving the lives of our customers who have dementia, but also provide the best support for their families and loved ones. Working with organisations like the DAA and others in the local community enables those with dementia to feel a sense of belonging and to make what can be quite a disorientating and at times, frightening, condition, that little bit easier.

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Page reviewed by Deanna Lane, Senior Clinical Lead on April 14, 2022

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