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Postoperative Care

What Is Postoperative care?

Postoperative Care is care given after you’ve had a surgical procedure. This begins in the hospital and then can often continue after you’ve been discharged and returned home.

Your doctor should give you comprehensive instructions before you’re discharged regarding what to expect upon returning home and there is a Clinical Nurse Specialist in every area who can be called on for advice and help with all your medical needs. But it’s also important to ask questions, or to have someone ask questions on your behalf if necessary. Useful questions to ask can include things like:

  • What medications or other supplies will I need when I go home?
  • Will I need the support of a caregiver or physiotherapist at home?
  • How can I aide my recovery? Are there things I should do or avoid?
  • How long will it take for me to be fully recovered?

It may be difficult for doctors to answer the last question as the body’s ability to recover will depend on many factors, yet they may be able to give you an approximation based on how much support you have in place and previous levels of health, for instance.


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Postoperative Care at home

Depending on your circumstances, postoperative care can be carried out mainly at home for some minor procedures that don’t require a hospital stay, which is also known as outpatient surgery or day case. If you are required to stay in hospital for a period of time, after a more serious procedure for instance, the beginnings of your recovery will be as an inpatient and then often continue when you are at home.

In either circumstance, Helping Hands are well placed to support you, as you will be fully assessed upon discharge and our experienced home carers will follow hospital recommendations and your personalised support plan to ensure your recovery proceeds as planned.

Preoperative & postoperative care services

Being in as good health as possible before you have surgery can make a big difference to your recovery following surgery, although that can sometimes be difficult if you’re having a surgical procedure due to an ongoing illness or condition. Prior to having your surgical procedure, you should be aware of what support needs to be in place when you leave hospital and you should always endeavour to have that organised in advance.

However, that isn’t always possible and sometimes emergency homecare needs to be arranged so that your recovery can continue as soon as you arrive back home. Fortunately, Helping Hands can have a carer in your home within 24 hours, so if you are being discharged quicker than you anticipated or your circumstances have changed, we will be able to support you from the moment you arrive home.

Preoperative & postoperative care from Helping Hands

At Helping Hands, we have been supporting people to live as independently and as well as possible in their own homes since 1989, so we really are the homecare experts. We support many of our customers when they’ve been in hospital to ensure that your standard of care is high both before and after your operation. Our carers are dedicated to ensuring the wellbeing of our customers and go above and beyond to support them with every aspect of their lives.

Dependent on your preferences, we can offer both visiting and live-in post-operative care in our customers’ homes. Visiting care consists of any amount of time from 30 minutes plus and can occur as many or as few times as you need throughout the day, and overnight too. Visits will be prearranged so that you always know when your carer is coming, and your needs will be fully assessed before your care is put in place. Your carer will then work from your personalised support plan which will detail the level of care you require as well as your routines and preferences.

Live-in care is where your carer lives in your home with you and therefore not only offers you the same high standards of care as our visiting service but is with you around the clock.

In both types of care, our carers will support you with the hospital’s recommendations, whether that be to increase mobility gradually or only eat certain types of food at first, or whatever it is that you need to help you recover. Our carers will be able to assist you with every aspect of your care, following post-discharge recommendations to ensure your recovery goes as planned.

It’s vital that your doctor’s instructions are followed once you’re discharged and your carer can be part of a wider integrated care team consisting of other healthcare professionals who are coming to your home, such as a district nurse or physiotherapist. Helping Hands can also provide nurse-led care for more complex post-operative needs, thanks to our team of clinical nurses who all have extensive experience working in both the NHS and the private sector.

How to arrange postoperative care

If you would like to discuss post-operative care for either yourself or a loved one, please talk to our friendly and knowledgeable customer care specialist team today. They are available seven days a week for your convenience, or alternatively, you can contact us via our website, and we’ll be happy to call you back.

Page reviewed by Karen Swanson, Regional Clinical Lead on March 30, 2021

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