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Supporting the elderly throughout the Covid-19 pandemic

Amongst all the latest updates from the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the UK Government regarding Covid-19, we’ve all been preparing for a period of social distancing by stocking up on the essentials. But there are members of our community – particularly those who are elderly or with underlying health issues – who have already started social distancing for their own safety, meaning that they will have more difficulty in stocking up on the household essentials they will need in the coming weeks.

As a community, we can help our neighbours, friends and loved ones who will need additional support to ensure they have everything they need at home. If you know someone who is finding difficulty in preparing for social distancing, or you’d like to offer some care to the elderly members in your community, here are a few things you can provide for them to enable them to stay safe and well at home during the Covid-19 outbreak.

Coronavirus Care Packages

Basic household items

You could prepare a small pile of household ‘must-haves’ to support them with keeping their house clean and minimise the risk of infection. This could include items such as hand wash, toilet roll, kitchen cloths, anti-bacterial spray and toilet cleaner.


If you have an elderly friend, neighbour or loved one who needs regular medication, you could arrange to collect a bulk order on their behalf to ensure that they have enough medication during their period of social distancing.

Food items

Long-life food such as frozen ready meals, tinned vegetables and dry pasta are very easy to prepare into a nutritious meal. Items such as chickpeas, lentils, pulses and frozen fish are full of nutritious proteins to help maintain muscle strength, which is especially important if they are unable to move around as often as they’d like.

Games/puzzle books

Mental health is equally as important as physical health, especially during periods of worry and trepidation. Games and puzzle books such as crosswords, sudoku and word searches are a great distraction from the world outside, as well as being an enjoyable way to pass the time.


Old DVDs with family memories recorded are great to remind your loved one of the happy times you’ve shared together. Alternatively, you could find their most-loved films or musicals on DVD to allow them to relive their favourite moments of cinema.

Do you know someone who needs additional support?

There are lots of people needing to maintain social distancing in order to keep themselves protected from infection, but many of these people still require additional support to help them live safely at home.

If you know someone who could do with a helping hand, our team of carers are available to help and taking every precaution to ensure that they can continue to provide safe and reliable home care to those who need it most.

Whether it’s someone to pop to the shops to stock up on some household essentials or someone to support you with your personal care, we’re here to ensure that you never have to compromise on your comfort and safety at home.

To find out more about how we can help you throughout the coronavirus outbreak, please call us on 0808 278 2589 and we’ll ensure that you have the support of a dedicated professional carer whenever you need, for as long as you need.

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