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The Real Cost of Home Care

Independent research carried out recently has highlighted the costs associated with keeping someone independent in their own home. We were surprised at the costs for someone who is receiving traditional Domiciliary Care Vs the cost of Live-In Care.

The research was carried out in the Cambridgeshire area for an 80 year old gentleman requiring support to remain in his own home.

Traditional Domiciliary Care

• Food prep – To access 1 meal a day through Meals on Wheels – Average £80 per week

• Transport to appointments – Cost to Local Government can be up to £150 per journey

• Personal Care 3 times per day – Provided by local companies 3 times per day 7 days a week – average to £378

• Social Inclusion – To attend local groups/day centre ‘s and personal preference activities would require a transport service along with the need to provide a carer for the day – average cost £353

• In house physio therapy – For a house call can cost the Local Authority up to £230 per day

• Domestic task i.e house hold chores – Private companies can charge up to £10 per hour – Averaging £30 per week

Approximate cost: £1221 per week


Live-In Care

• Food prep – Our carers will provide 3 meals plus snacks to meet the customer’s dietary needs and choice

• Transport – Our carers will drive the customer to hospital/GP appointments

• Personal Care – Our carers will provide personal care at the time that suits the customer and as many times as needed throughout the day

• Social Inclusion – Our carers encourage customers to continue with their activities and to join or try new groups. Will encourage our customers to assist in shopping and maintain their social network

• In house therapy – By guidance from the medical professionals, our carer will encourage the customer to keep up with  exercise or rehabilitation activities. Thus reducing the cost for house calls on a daily basis.

• Domestic tasks – Our carers will maintain the standard of the home as is expected from the customer and their family.

Approximate cost: £819 per week

*source – independent research carried out January 2013

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