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What to do in a home care emergency

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When circumstances change suddenly, getting the right care in place as effectively as possible is vital. In 2015, it was reported that waiting for the right home emergency care was the main reason for a delay in a person’s care leaving the hospital. Whether your loved one is being discharged from hospital or needs some additional support after a fall, home emergency care can help them get the care that they need with the minimum amount of delay.

Events can sometimes happen so rapidly that a swift response is needed. Many people are unaware that home emergency care can be arranged very quickly. As well as being required for care after leaving hospital, it can also be emergency support following a fall, unexpected illnesses and palliative care, and crucially, the quality and safety of the care provided is never compromised.

So what exactly can ‘emergency care’ support with? First and foremost, home emergency care is completely unique to the needs of the individual and is always tailored to their needs. It can be for both the elderly and younger people, covering everything from:

• Building confidence with mobility
• Providing companionship
• Managing the upkeep of the home
• Convalescence

Home emergency care can also promote dignity and comfort for individuals approaching the ends of their lives, enabling them to enjoy their final months in the place that they feel the most comfortable, surrounded by those whom they love.

All of this starts with one phone call.

Helping Hands can arrange a carer to be with your loved one at their home within a very short time span. After an initial phone conversation, an assessment is arranged and takes place as soon as possible, looking at the needs your family member or friend has and how these can be met.

Planning for hospital discharge is also a collaborative process. Working alongside social workers, hospital discharge teams and other healthcare professionals, home emergency care providers consider every single aspect of the care that is required and strive to find the most effective solution.

“I have found Helping Hands to be extremely efficient; they have dealt professionally with every situation, proving quality Assessors and Carers. I know that each time I contact them a solution will be found and my client will benefit.”

Occupational Therapist, Swansea.

How can we help you? At Helping Hands, our carers are often available to start within 48 hours after your initial phone call to us and are fully trained to deliver the highest level of care. We place great importance on placing your loved one first; whether they like their tea made a certain way or keeping the house clean and tidy, you can be assured that your friend or family member will be able to return to the lifestyle that they truly want.

“If it wasn’t for Helping Hands my customer would still be in hospital. Helping Hands was able to react swiftly and supply an experienced Carer, resulting in my client living back in their home with the support they need.”

Hospital Social Worker, Cambridge.

We are always here to lend a ‘helping hand’ in emergency situations and we understand that asking for help can be difficult. Our friendly and supportive customer service team are always on hand to answer any questions that you may have about our home emergency care. Contact us on 0808 274 0314 to find out more about our services.

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