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Jurgita and Alison win ‘Get Snapped’ competition

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Posted on 19th January 2017.

alison pic

Caring for others might not always be easy, but it is incredibly rewarding and can create special moments for both the carer and the person they support. Over the Christmas period, carers from our Warwickshire branch went the extra mile to show our customers just how much they mean to them.

Warwickshire Live-in Care Manager set up a photography competition, Get Snapped as Christmas can be a difficult time for many people whom we care for. We wanted to do something a little special for them; our carers were encouraged to take a photo of them doing something festive with their customers, whether that was putting the Christmas tree up or opening presents together. In short, making Christmas beautiful for them!

“We have some customers who really struggle around Christmas.”she says. “I wanted to do something with my carers to change this negative perception and enhance the bond between the carer and the customer. It wasn’t about a prize, though it’s always nice to be recognised!”


The winning photo came from Jurgita Liukeviciute, who has been supporting a young lady called Alison who lives with Down’s Syndrome. Over the course of their two years together, Jurgita has been a close friend as well as a carer for her; as Alison can find it hard to interact with others, Jurgita and the hourly carers who work alongside her make sure that she has plenty of activities to enjoy and they all look to provide her with companionship as much as possible. As a result, all of Alison’s carers fully understand what makes Alison the person she is.

Such is the positive influence that Jurgita has been in Alison’s care, one of Alison’s family members says;

“Jurgita is a lovely girl. She is smashing. The things she does for Ali, I cannot thank her enough. She decorated Ali’s flat. She put up the [Christmas] tree up with Alison and put presents around the tree. It was so lovely and thoughtful of her that I decided to allow Alison to spend Christmas day with Jurgita to enjoy the atmosphere created as she would have normally spent it with me.”


The beautiful relationship that Jurgita shares with Alison is clear from their winning photos. This Christmas has been a difficult time for Alison, however Jurgita has been a shining light; she encouraged Alison to be involved with the festive activities, such as putting up Christmas lights and decorations. She also helps Alison with a personal project that is very important to her and gets involved with all of Alison’s other interests too.

Placing great significance on what matters most to Alison is a key part of Jurgita’s approach when caring for her. As one of Alison’s goals for 2017 is to lose weight, Jurgita supports her by liaising with her GP and dietician to create a specific programme tailored to Alison’s needs. Not only that, she has also started following the programme herself to give Alison some encouragement! Their relationship is so strong that Jurgita can understand how Alison is feeling just from her facial expressions and body language and the Get Snapped competition was a great way of bringing them both even closer together!

Jurgita was awarded a Tower of Treats hamper for winning the Get Snapped competition (shown below), however she says that she was only doing her job. “It was a pleasure creating a festive atmosphere in Alison’s home for her to enjoy, especially with Alison’s help,” she adds.

jurgita presents

Moments like the ones that Jurgita and Alison have shared are what our carers live for. They find it both humbling and rewarding to be in a position to make someone else’s life easier and having the chance to be there as a supportive companion for them. Thes team in Warwickshire are hoping to hold similar activities throughout 2017, so watch this space!


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Sally Tomkotowicz