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Why independence is important

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Posted on 12th July 2018.

We each have our own tastes, interests and characteristics that make us all unique. Even if you need a little extra support, you should still have the freedom to be your individual self. Read more about why independence is important, especially when it comes to care.

Live-in care allows you to have the best of both worlds. Even though a carer will be there to help you when you need them, they also recognise that there will be some things that you can and will want to do yourself. Rather than taking over on tasks, the carer is there to support, receiving guidance from you on your boundaries and what is most important to you.

The right care on your terms

A live-in carer can help you live independently For a lot of us, asking and accepting help can be a challenge, especially when it comes to tasks such as showering or personal care. Everybody is different and has their own capabilities, which is why our live-in care is always centred around these unique needs.

Respecting personal space and boundaries is always a key aspect of the way live-in support works. It’s natural for there to be areas or activities that you really don’t feel comfortable about someone else doing. After all, these are part of your life.

Whether it’s having your personal space while showering or choosing what clothes you’d like to wear – and even through to changing your catheter bag yourself – live-in care follows your own unique plan which is tailored to what you can do independently and what you might be struggling with.

How live-in care fits to your routine

What’s the first thing you do in the morning? Have a cup of coffee? Enjoy a shower?

Unlike in a residential care home where it’s common for your routine to be planned for you, live-in care gives you flexibility and choice around what you want to do. So if you’d rather have a different breakfast or would like to make an impromptu visit to see friends, live-in care offers you that choice and flexibility.

Care is not a nine to five activity. Live-in care enables you to keep that familiar nightly routine to help you get the best possible night’s rest. Even if that means having your evening meal or getting changed at a specific time, what matters most with live-in care is your personal choice and comfort.

Maintaining safety while focusing on independence

Desiree is more confident because of her carer's support

When you or someone close to you experiences a fall, there’s often a period of concern that it will happen again. This anxiety may lead you to thinking about moving into care home, however this means leaving behind those familiar home comforts.

It can be hard to rebuild confidence after a fall, especially if it results in you or somebody else in your life requiring a mobility aid. The patience and encouragement of a live-in carer can help you recover at your pace, letting you take your time to rediscover that lost confidence, no matter how long it takes. See how live-in care helped Desiree (pictured here on the left) to get back on her feet, and even gain the confidence to start driving again.

Live-in care also ensures that this support is always available, particularly during the evening and overnight when there may be a greater risk of falls. A live-in carer can notify the emergency services and offer reassurance should the worst happen.

Focussing on safety while still encouraging independence is also essential in the support provided for people with learning difficulties. With the support offered by a personal assistant, they can start living more of an independent life without putting themselves in danger while doing so.

Keeping your support network around you

It’s always nice to spend time with those close to you, especially if there’s a weekly tradition that you all do together. As well as enabling you to continue with these, live-in care also allows friends and family members to pop in and out as they please, or when you feel up to seeing them.

Being independent means having choices, not just about the level of physical care that you need, but about the activities you do with others. Time with loved ones is precious and occasionally we’d like to have time with just them and no-one else. Our live-in carers are trained to give you space to enjoy quality time with those who matter most to you, while at the same time being there if you need them to help you.

Live-in care gives you the chance to ‘go with the flow’ and decide what you want to do depending on how you’re feeling. All you have to do is tell your carer!

As well as being on hand to help you with anything you might be struggling with, your live-in carer will be a companion. Naturally, you’ll need to make sure that the two of you will work well together.

That’s why we’ll match you with one of our carers based on their personality and interests, allowing you to make the final choice on which carer suits you. Speak to us today to start your journey towards an independent life with the right help, at home.

Cleo Canning