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Stephan’s story, from Romania

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Live-in care recruitment in Romania

Helping Hands is the fastest growing live-in care company in the UK. Unlike many other care providers, Helping Hands is a family run business, founded in the late 1980s by Mary Lee, we employ all of our carers direct. Today Mary’s sons continue to run Helping Hands Home Care.

What is a live-in care role?

Live-in care is a full-time homecare solution where the carer lives with the customer in their own home seven days a week for a set period of time.

Will you train me to become a carer?

Yes, at our award training centre of excellence in the UK. The training focuses on you gaining an excellent understanding of the importance of live-in care work and what will be expected from you on daily basis.

Deciding to leave home and work in a foreign country is a big decision, so that’s why we have lots of information to help you. Please visit our frequently asked questions or find out more about working as a carer in the UK.

Interview with Stephan, a live-in carer from Romania

What part are of Romania are you from and how long have you lived there?

I come from Buzău in the South-East of Romania and I have lived there most of my life. It is a small industrial town, the administration centre of Buzău County.

How did you hear about Helping Hands when in Romania?

I Googled it with the search terms “best care company in UK” and the results was only one, Helping Hands Home Care.

Why did you choose to work for Helping Hands? Why live-in care?

I did not see a single negative employee or customer review. The company is a family run business, which have been around for over 25 years. Knowing that they are a growing company, and having long-term work placements was important to me.

How long did it take you to apply, train and start work with Helping Hands?

I applied in less than 5 minutes and I received a phone call the next morning. Training took one week, and than after 3-4 days I was already in the customer’s home working on my first full time live-in care placement.

How did you find the training?

The training was intense, it covered all aspects of live-in care work, and I was thoroughly tested at the end of the week, but this gave me the confidence to provide the best possible care.

What do you like about being a carer with Helping Hands?

As a live-in carer you have the chance to really improve the customer’s life by being able to focus on 1-2-1 care, with the benefits of occurring no live-in costs for me.

How have you found your experiences so far at Helping Hands?

Helping Hands has given me the opportunity to develop my professional, communication and care skills.

What advice would you give to another Romanian considering joining Helping Hands as a carer?

As a Romanian, I would tell him or her that the company is very professional, and the amount of help you receive before and during employment is unheard of as compared to other companies in the field. I would tell him or her to apply now in absolute confidence.

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