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Respite care in Birmingham

All our respite carers are specialists. Let’s keep your loved one at home.

How home care is helping Judith

Birmingham respite support from Helping Hands

Respite care from Helping Hands can be for a short period of cover, such as a few days, or longer where necessary. Why go through the upheaval of moving to a residential home temporarily when you could receive the care you need in your own home? At Helping Hands we’ve been supporting people to receive care in their own homes for more than 30 years, so we really are the homecare experts. If you receive respite care from us, you’ll have a personalised support plan devised that will detail exactly how you like your routine undertaken, so that your care is delivered exactly as you’d like. Have a chat with our friendly and knowledgeable home care Birmingham team to discover how they could be supporting you or your loved ones in your own home.

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Why respite care is a good option for short-term support

Regardless of the reason why you need some short-term support, you will most likely feel recovered much sooner if you’re able to go home and recuperate there. Having respite care from the home carers in Birmingham means you’ll be supported by expert carers who really know care and take pride in delivering it to the highest standards. Our carers support every aspect of your care needs, including medication administration, mobility support, meal preparation, personal care, housework and much more. If at any point during your care it becomes apparent that you’d like to have care in the longer-term, your flexible care package will easily be updated to show that, whether it’s visiting care during the day or night, or around the clock live-in care.

Respite care services tailored to you

You need to know that you’ll receive continuity of care once you’re discharged from hospital or while your regular carer is away and Helping Hands Birmingham team will make this happen for you. Your routines will be followed at all times and the benefits of one-to-one care mean that you get up and go to bed when you want, and have your meals when you say, not when a carer has a brief window of time to help you.

Post-discharge support

Respite care means you can have someone with you for as short an amount of time as you need, just to make sure your recovery goes smoothly. If you’re being discharged from hospital and you are concerned that you won’t be able to manage, respite care is an ideal solution that will see a carer supporting you at home until you’re able to manage yourself or family can take over.

Emergency care

If you need care in an emergency and your family members live quite far away it can be a nerve-wracking time trying to sort out what can be done. However, having respite care from the Birmingham team means that a carer will be in your home the same day you’re discharged, and your needs will be taken care of from the minute you arrive home. Whether you have visiting calls or live-in care, you can be confident that our expert carers will support you with every aspect of your home life. Even if you have higher level needs, our nurse-led care supported by our team of clinical nurses means that we can cater for every aspect of your care journey.

Why choose our Birmingham respite care team?

We have been supporting people across England and Wales to receive care in their own homes since 1989, so you can be confident that we really are the homecare experts. Our carers all receive rigorous training when they join us so whether they’re new to care or have years of experience, they will be able to support you fully. We encourage our carers to continue learning throughout their Helping Hands career and as they update their skills what they’ve learnt can be applied to our customers’ care.
We are fully regulated by the Care Quality Commission and Care Inspectorate Wales, which demonstrates our commitment to delivering the highest standards of care at all times and are consistently rated ‘Good’ for every aspect of our care delivery.

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Call our team of dedicated customer care specialists seven days a week to see how we could be supporting you or your loved ones with respite care. Alternatively, contact us via our website and we will call you back as soon as possible.

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