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Dementia care in Bodmin

Bodmin dementia support from Helping Hands

Being diagnosed with dementia can make it feel as if your world has fallen apart at first, however getting answers for what you and your loved ones have suspected for some time can mean that you also feel a sense of relief. Being told you have Alzheimer’s or another of one of the over 100 different types of disease that can cause cognitive decline will bring up many questions, including thinking about who will care for you when the time comes. Having dementia care at home can be preferable to going into a care home and with Helping Hands you will get exemplary care from a private care company who have been delivering care for our customers at home since 1989. Our over 150 local branches support thousands of customers every day, and our dedicated Bodmin care team are no exception.

Why dementia home care is a good option

Dementia care at home is a preferable option to moving into a care home because you get to remain in the place you love, surrounded by people you love, pets who mean the world to you, and treasured possessions too. Receiving your care at home will hopefully reduce your anxiety and confusion because being close to loved ones without the complication of visiting times and restrictions can make all the difference. We offer dementia care on both a visiting-care and a live-in-care basis, and thanks to our compassionate carers being able to support you with every aspect of your care, you’ll receive help with medication, personal care, mobility, housework, meal preparation, laundry and helping you to access the community, amongst other things.

Dementia care services tailored to you

Whether you need care straight away or you’re only just beginning your dementia care journey, our 30 years of dementia care experience will guarantee that your confidence in us is justified, as we really are the home care experts. Your bespoke package of support will ensure that the help you need to live your very best life at home is always provided, accompanied by a personalised support plan that ensures your routines are respected. As your condition progresses we will be by your side every step of the way, keeping you safe in the place you love most and making sure that support is always available, including emotional assistance when your loved ones are struggling.

Qualified dementia carers in Bodmin

Our amazing carers are with you every step of the way along your dementia journey, whether you need them on more of an occasional basis or every single day. We value our carers highly because we choose only the kindest and most compassionate people to join us, making sure that they will always use their natural caring abilities to keep you happy and comfortable at home. We always offer person-centred care and make sure that you live your life to the best possible outcome, and our cares are trained well and supported with their development, so they have all the skills they need to support you. Our fully managed service is regulated by the Care Quality Commission and Care Inspectorate Wales too, so you will always be assured of our consistent high standards.

Contact us for dementia support

If you would like to learn more about dementia support in the Bodmin area then please call our customer care team seven days a week. Alternatively, contact us via our website and we’d be pleased to call you back later.

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