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Dementia care in Lincoln

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Support with dementia in Lincoln

Dementia is a widespread health condition that affects thousands of people all across the UK. Contrary to popular belief, dementia is not a natural part of aging and can affect people of all ages. The condition can have a huge physical and emotional impact on the person diagnosed, along with their family and loved ones. Unfortunately, there is currently no cure for dementia and the symptoms typically become worse over time. That being said, many things can be done to people living with the condition. At Helping Hands, we believe that there is nothing stopping a person with dementia from living a safe and happy life on their terms.

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Lincoln dementia support from Helping Hands

Founded in 1989, Helping Hands has been providing dementia care to people across the UK for more than 30 years. Our home care in Lincoln carers have extensive experience in the field of dementia care and gain a deep understanding of the challenges faced by those living with the condition. All of our carers complete our award-winning training, which means you can have full confidence in the skills and capabilities of our specialist dementia carers. Most Helping Hands carers opt to complete further training modules to boost their knowledge and expertise of dementia care. Our carers are passionate about quality home care and committed to helping people with dementia live the lifestyle that they want.

Why dementia home care is a good option in Lincoln

A person with dementia typically has complex care needs, particularly as the condition advances. This can make caring for someone with the condition challenging. The symptoms of dementia can evolve rapidly and different care approaches are often required to ensure the best level of support. This is why it is always best to seek guidance and support from a dementia specialist who has been professionally trained in dementia care. With the right care and support, a person with dementia can continue to live a safe and enriched life.

You may notice that a loved one with dementia is struggling with their daily activities and you might become concerned for their wellbeing. In this situation, it is natural to feel confused about how best to support your loved one. We know that a change of living environment and routine can be extremely stressful. This is why we focus on supporting your loved one in the place they know and love – their home and community. Dementia home care provides a fantastic alternative to residential nursing care, as it means that people with dementia can continue to live safely in their own home.

Dementia care services tailored to you

As one of the UK’s leading dementia care providers, our Lincoln home care team has over 30 years of experience supporting people living with the condition. Our carers draw on their expertise to create care plans that are tailored to the needs of your loved one. We understand that everyone is different and we will always take the time to understand your care needs and treat you as an individual.

Our Lincoln team offers two main types of home care: visiting care and live-in care in Lincoln. Visiting care can be arranged from a few days a week. We can arrange for a carer to support your loved one with a wide range of tasks such as cooking, housework, administering medication, or personal care. Our carers can also provide your loved one with a valuable source of social interaction and companionship. If your loved one requires continuous support, then live-in care will ensure that they receive support whenever they need it. A team of professionally trained carers will move into your loved one’s home to provide dedicated 24/7 support. You can have confidence knowing that your loved one is in the capable hands of our carers.

Contact us for dementia support in Lincoln

We know that admitting that help is needed can be unsettling, but we’re here to support you and your family through the process. If you would like to discuss our dementia home care services, then give our friendly team a call. Our customer service advisors are available 24 hours, seven days a week and they are always happy to help. You can also pop into your local branch to meet the team and have a chat about dementia care options.