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Why choose live in care in Macclesfield?

Helping Hands has been celebrating people’s diversity for over 30 years, recognising that everyone is different, and their care needs reflect that. Our team providing home care in Macclesfield are experts in supporting their customers in the local community with every aspect of their home care, so why not discover if they could do the same for you? Helping Hands has always had compassion at its core since we were founded in 1989, and the company still prides itself on having the same empathetic ethos at its heart, meaning that our carers will take care of you and your loved ones as if you were family.

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“Care twice a day for my parents” 26 September 2019

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What’s included with care at Helping Hands?

Whether you require a 30 minute visit once a week, several calls a day or full-time, live-in care, our Macclesfield team will be able to advise you on your options and ensure that you have all the information necessary to choose a programme of care that’s right for you. Your bespoke support plan will be devised by you and the Macclesfield team to ensure that everything you like done in your daily routine is still included. This could be watching your favourite TV show, enjoying community activities, or having personal care conducted exactly as you prefer. No matter what, your wishes and wants will always be at the heart of your care, as will you.

Why you may need care

Perhaps you or a family member has noticed you’re slowing down generally, or you may have just been discharged from hospital or had a fall; regardless of why you feel that care would benefit you, the team in Macclesfield will be able to support you fully to continue to live the life you enjoy.

Carers for limited hour visits

You may feel that the housework is becoming more than you can manage, or it might be that you’d welcome a friendly face popping in regularly to check on you and have a chat. Regardless of why you feel the time is right to explore your care options, the helpful and supportive Macclesfield team will ensure that you have all the information you need to make the best decision for you. Your carers could undertake the housework for you, prepare meals, administer medication, or any number of tasks that would make your life easier. A personalised support plan will ensure that your routines are respected and documented, whether it involves a visit once a week or several calls a day. You may require support overnight too, especially if you are taking medication that needs to be administered regularly, or just to keep you company throughout the quieter hours when your family are getting some rest. Regardless of your requirements, the team in Macclesfield are there to support you.

Intermittent long-term visits

When you are the one doing the caring it can be easy to stop thinking of your own needs and focus only on the person you’re caring for, however it’s vital to take regular breaks if you’re going to stay healthy, both physically and mentally. Respite care from the team in Macclesfield can be arranged on a short or longer-term basis, meaning that your loved one gets looked after as expertly as if you were still there, but you get the chance to take a guilt-free, relaxing break and be all the more energised for when you return.

Carers for immediate situations

It’s natural that unexpected events, especially if they happen to a loved one, will cause us some level of anxiety, but when it’s a case of finding care in an emergency it can cause full-blown panic, especially if you love some distance away from your family member. The team in Macclesfield can help however, by offering immediate care in an emergency that can usually see a carer installed in your loved one’s home the very same day. Whether due to an unexpected hospital discharge, recovery after an accident or a deteriorating condition, emergency care can reassure you that your loved one is being taken care, even if you’re not able to be there yourself.

Our Macclesfield carers

Alexandra and her Macclesfield team are supported by a company who have a national presence but on a local level. Helping Hands’ branches can be found all over England and Wales, but we pride ourselves on being the local care company that everyone can rely on. Based on compassionate values set in stone since we were formed in 1989, we’ve never lost sight of our original vision of providing high quality care to people in the place they love most-their own home. Our carers continue this ethos thanks to the excellent training they receive when they join us, as well as continuing development opportunities as they progress throughout their career. Additionally, we are proud to be fully regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), who have rated our Macclesfield team as ‘Good’ at their most recent inspection.