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Palliative Care in Mansfield

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What Mansfield Palliative Care Services are Available?

At Helping Hands, we’ve got over three decades’ experience in providing transformative, person-centred home care services to people up and down the nation. One of the services we provide is palliative care, which is a branch of care that supports people living with progressive or terminal conditions. There is no concrete time frame for palliative care – it can last for anything from a few months to a number of years. The main objective of palliative care is to enable you to experience the best possible quality of life through helping you to manage whatever symptoms you may be experiencing as a result of your condition. Our fantastic Mansfield care team are able to offer bespoke, flexible palliative care to you in your home that will ensure you’re fully supported every step of the way as your condition changes and develops.

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End of Life Care Options in Mansfield

If your loved one is approaching the final months or weeks of life, it’s likely that they will need an additional level of support to help them manage their condition and limit any uncomfortable symptoms they might be experiencing. During this emotional period, the number one priority tends to be ensuring the precious time they have left is as dignified and comfortable as possible for your loved one, as well as making sure that all family and friends are receiving the holistic support that they need during what is a very difficult time for everyone concerned.

Being able to remain at home during this time can go a long way to helping your loved one to feel calm, peaceful and comfortable with their surroundings, and also removes the complication of loved ones only being able to visit during fixed hours.

Why Choose our Mansfield Palliative Care Team?

Our Mansfield palliative care team comprises a superb group of highly trained carers who have all been specifically recruited for their compassionate, personable approach to their roles. We know that not every candidate is suitable for a care-based role, which is why we’re extremely selective about who we do and don’t accept to be a Helping Hands carer. We also make sure we perform extensive background checks on every applicant so that we can be certain that they’ll be a perfect fit for us and for you.

Then, when they start with us, all our carers are enrolled in our award-winning training programme, and their knowledge and skillset are constantly being updated through regular refresher courses. And, for your added peace of mind, all of our care services are independently regulated every step of the way by the Care Quality Commission and Care Inspectorate Wales, so you know we’re absolutely committed to only the very highest standards of care.

How to Arrange Palliative Care in Mansfield

If you’d like to arrange palliative care in Mansfield, or would simply like more information about what our care services look like, please don’t hesitate to call our friendly customer support team. Alternatively, you can contact us via our website to arrange a time for us to call you back at your convenience.