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Assisted Living in Swansea

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What does our assisted living support include?

Assisted living support is there for you if you can no longer manage your daily routine as you once did. It can involve helping you to carry out all the tasks inside your home, both personal and practical, plus assisting you to make the most of your local community. And because all of our services are fully regulated by the Care Quality Commission and the Care Inspectorate Wales, it means you and your loved ones can have the very highest confidence in everything we’ll deliver.


We can offer assisted living home care in Swansea on both a visiting and live-in basis which means we can design a package of support for you that takes every aspect of your needs into account.

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Qualified carers providing assisted living in Swansea

Our carers are amazing at what they do, but don’t just take our word for it, have a look at the many five-star reviews we’ve been left by grateful customers and their families. We’re very particular about the people we employ at Helping Hands, believing that natural qualities of compassion and kindness rate more highly than practical experience. After all, we can equip someone with all the practical knowledge they’ll need but we can’t teach them to care from the heart – you either do or don’t.

When to consider this type of support?

Assisted living can be beneficial for anyone who is struggling at home and doesn’t want to relocate into residential care. After all, why should you leave the home you love and know so well when you don’t have to? Our care can start from an hour or two at a time to help you with housework or run errands, all the way up to around-the-clock live-in care. We’ll design your package of support around the way you like to live your life and ensure that you get as much help as possible with your everyday routine. You may be living with age-related frailties that are making your housework difficult to manage, a degenerative condition that affects your mobility, or complex care needs that require full-time care. However we can help, we will.

How much does assisted living cost?

The costs of assisted living support vary depending on the type of support you require, the severity of the condition you’re living with, and the area of the UK you live in, and your bespoke quote will be designed for you accordingly. However, as an idea of the costs involved, our visiting care begins from £25.27 an hour, plus an hourly charge to cover carer expenses, while our live-in support begins at £1,599 for a single person, or from £1,839 for a couple.

How to arrange assisted living in Swansea

If you’d like to chat with your local care team about your support requirements, then you can find their details here. Alternatively, you can talk to our friendly customer care team seven days a week, online or over the phone. They’ll be happy to give you a call back for a more convenient time if you’d prefer.