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20 years in care – Sandra and Jennifer’s story

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Posted on 18th August 2017.

This summer, we’re celebrating the carers who have been with us for a long time and the hard work they’ve done. They have all developed significantly over the years, which has been wonderful to see.

Sandra and Jennifer, two of our care veterans from our Evesham branch, have over 40 years’ care experience between them. Here, they share some of their memorable moments.

Where it all began for Sandra and Jennifer

For Sandra, the chance to support elderly individuals was one of the main reasons she decided to become a carer. “I like helping older people and I just started from there,” she says. “I love being able to help them. I thought that being a carer would be a great chance for me to experience life with them and do something rewarding at the same time.”

Jennifer came to Helping Hands having previously worked as a secretary. “I had to leave that role to care for my mother,” she explains. “She had dementia and I cared for her for about three years. I found it so rewarding and I wanted to carry on helping people who were in a similar situation.”

Who Sandra and Jennifer have cared for in Evesham

Throughout their time with Helping Hands, both Jennifer and Sandra have supported countless individuals with unique care needs in their local area, helping them to live independently. Both of them share a passion for helping people to feel comfortable in their own homes, in their own environments. They both have some heart-warming memories to share as a result.

Sandra’s special moment comes from when she cared for a lady receiving palliative care. “I really enjoyed doing the little things for her,” Sandra explains. “It was really sad when she passed away but being able to help her. Even just washing hair was such a lovely experience for us both.”

Like Sandra, Jennifer has a touching moment from providing palliative care. “A gentleman I was looking after actually passed away when I was there with him. It was difficult at the time, but it was also special to have been there at that moment.”

What attributes does a visiting carer have?

With so much expertise between them, Jennifer and Sandra are keen to share their wisdom with the next wave of carers joining our team. “It’s important to have a caring nature and to be supportive of the person you’re caring for,” Sandra advises. “If you have those, then there’s no reason why you can’t be a carer.”

“You should also be kind-hearted too,” Jennifer adds. “Sometimes you’ll have to be really patient with the customer but if you always put them first, that’s what matters most.”

Find out more about being a carer

If you’ve been inspired by Sandra and Jennifer, find out about our local care jobs. Alternatively, for more information, email our team at

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