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From Greggs to visiting care: Farah’s first steps

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Posted on 18th August 2017.

Starting a new career can be daunting. Farah, one of our visiting carers in Aylesbury, has recently done just that. Though Farah has only been with Helping Hands for around a month, she is already very excited about what her new career has in store for her.

A new career in care

Farah found Helping Hands online having previously worked as an assistant manager at Greggs. She was surprised to find that she was born in the same year that Helping Hands was established.

“The more I read through the website, the more I felt that I could do the role,” Farah explains. “It was something I hadn’t really thought about before but Helping Hands gave me a chance, which I’m so grateful for.”

Despite having never worked in care before, Farah decided to make a change and came to a training event at the Aylesbury branch.

Why Farah chose Helping Hands

During her three-day training programme, Farah learnt all about what is involved with being a carer. She enjoyed learning about the different conditions she could come across and how to help those affected by them. Since passing her training with flying colours, Farah is now supporting people living with dementia, as well as people who have experienced severe heart attacks.

“I really loved the training,” she says. “We learnt about managing medication, what we should and shouldn’t do in different situations, and how to use a hoist. That was quite a big thing for me – having that hands-on experience definitely helped improve my confidence.”

Farah also enjoyed learning from the two dedicated regional trainers whom she believes have been instrumental in helping her to start her career in care. “Everything basically started fitting together,” she adds. “The training was great fun and educational, and because of that, I think that I can help my customers feel safe around me.”

Memorable moments as a carer

Having come a long way as a carer in a very short space of time, Farah feels that helping others comes naturally to her. She hopes this is the start of a wonderful and rewarding journey. As a visiting carer, Farah has the chance to meet different individuals with different stories to share, and she loves being able to be a supportive companion for them.

“One gentleman I support is just brilliant,” Farah says. “He lives with his cat and every time I go to visit him, he’s there to greet me with a smile, which always makes me smile too! It’s a great feeling knowing that I’ve helped to make someone feel happy.”

“Sometimes, the customer just needs someone to be a companion for them,” she continues. “It definitely touches you when you’ve made someone else’s life a little better.”

Farah’s advice to new visiting carers

Being a carer, as Farah has discovered, isn’t necessarily about having certificates or years of experience – it’s about being there for someone in need and making them feel comfortable in their own homes.

“My advice is just be yourself and take everything on board,” she explains. “And don’t be afraid to apply if you’ve never done it before.”

Could you be a carer?

All you need to be a carer with Helping Hands is a caring heart as full training is provided at our local branches on a regular basis. For more information, email, or apply to be a carer online.

Cleo Canning