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A sales team with heart: personal stories about working at a care company

What does the term ‘sales’ mean to you? For the sales – or customer liaison – team at Helping Hands, it comes with the in-built desire to help people find the support they need so they can pursue their lives in the way they want. They’re the team that our new customers speak to when they’re in need of support, which can sometimes be difficult and daunting to ask for.

The 20-strong team all come from varied backgrounds. But they all have one thing in common, whether it’s out of a personal experience or simply having a strong drive to support others, they put their customer service expertise into helping people to find the care they need to live as independently as possible.

Let’s meet a few people from the sales team.

“Everyone here is passionate about making a difference.”

Meet Caroline, head of sales

Whether our customers just need a little advice about the support that we have available or are looking to arrange care for a loved one coming out of hospital, the customer liaison team is always on hand to help them understand their options.

As our Head of Sales, Caroline says, “We’re all experienced people who understand why people need help at home.”

Having had her own personal experience of supporting a family member, Caroline also adds, “I don’t think there is a better place to use my knowledge, experience and understanding than here at Helping Hands.”

“We all have passion and drive, and want to deliver an excellent service.”

Zoe leads our Live-in Care team

Our customer liaison team are a close-knit bunch. Like many of them, Zoe has had her own experience of providing care for a loved one. Since joining Helping Hands, Zoe has used her understanding and empathy to support customers looking for live-in care, and is now the Team Leader for Live-in Care.

“I really wanted to be a part of that initial care set-up process,” Zoe explains. “I wanted to be able to give our customers peace of mind to know that, first and foremost, we were looking after the well-being of their loved ones.”

Helping families who are in a similar situation to the one she experienced herself gives Zoe immense satisfaction and inspires her on a day-to-day basis. Like all members of our customer liaison team, she’s passionate about providing the best possible service and support.

“I love to help people, Helping Hands is in my blood.”

Chrissy is the Visiting Care Team Leader

There are plenty of opportunities to develop here at Helping Hands. Having previously been a carer herself, Christine (or Chrissy to her team) fully understands what our customers expect from visiting care and loves sharing her experience with her team.

“I’ve gained so much knowledge from my previous roles in the business,” Chrissy explains. “This knowledge has really helped me to develop the team and ensures that I’m able to answer the questions I’m asked.”

From working as a carer for many years, Chrissy is now the Visiting Care Team Leader, a role which enables her to pass on her knowledge and grow her own team. She is a shining example of how we support our people to achieve their goals.

Could you support customers over the phone?

We’re urgently looking for new sales executives to join our team, either on a temporary or permanent basis. You’ll be based in the pretty market town of Alcester in Warwickshire, close to plenty of quaint lunchtime cafes and shops.

If you’d like to join our supportive team, apply to be a sales executive or find out more about the role.

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