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The winning carers of the 2017 Helping Hands’ Values Awards

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Posted on 27th October 2017.

Each year we pay a special tribute to four carefully selected carers whose hard work demonstrates our company values: Listening & Understanding, Focussing on People, Building on Success, and Excellence Every Time.

This year, those carers are Maureen whose presence won over the family she was supporting, Vicky who assisted a customer to cross a memory walk to cheering crowds in Wales, and Colette who’s the heralded as the “sort of carer we’d like our parents to have”. And not forgetting Miles, the skateboard-loving carer from Wimbledon who is helping his customer get back to work after an accident.

Without further ado, here are the winners of the 2017 Values Awards.

Maureen, awarded for listening and understanding

Maureen is awarded for listening and understanding.

In spring 2017, we welcomed Maureen (middle) to our team of live-in carers. She has already shown herself to be popular with her customers and their loved ones, doing everything she can to understand what they need from her.

Currently based in Cirencester, Maureen’s placements have seen her support people with various conditions. Each time, Maureen not ensures that they have the best possible care, but also supports their family.

Maureen’s dedication was clear with her most recent customer, who’d had issues with carers in the past. Any worries they had were soon eased by Maureen, so much so that they describe Maureen as “the best carer they’ve had.”

Presenting Maureen with her award, Operations Director Karen Lewis, said, “It’s really touching that one of our customers felt that Maureen had become part of their family.”

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Vicky, awarded for focussing on people

Vicky awarded for focussing on people.

Helping people achieve their goals is an important part of the support we provide. Vicky, one of our live-in carers in Wales, has always gone above and beyond for her customers, and is the proud winner of our Focussing on People award.

Our Director of People and Performance, Karen Rayfield, was delighted to present the award. “There’s nothing that Vicky wouldn’t do for those in her care and it’s really heart-warming to see how much of a difference she makes in their lives,” she said.

In September 2017, Vicky, seen pictured far left, helped one of her customers who was in a wheelchair to walk across the finish line at the Cardiff Memory Walk in front of thousands of people. This made an already special day even more precious for Vicky’s customer and the family members who had come to support her.

A family member of another customer Vicky has supported also added, “The way Vicky has spoken to and managed Mum has made a huge difference to Mum’s state of mind and general wellbeing. This is what we need and want for Mum.”

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Colette, awarded for building on success Colette with her palliative care customer and family

Colette, seen pictured in the middle, is an experienced live-in carer and has been assisting people with different requirements since 2015. She does everything possible to build a strong relationship with her customers and their loved ones, and learn as much as she can about their needs.

Andrew Wood, our Finance Director, surprised Colette with her award at her current placement. It was here that he had the chance to see Colette’s compassionate and dedicated approach for himself.

“Colette is the sort of carer we’d like our parents to have,” Andrew said. “We’re proud of the hard work that she’s done during her time with us.”

As she received her award, Colette first of all made sure that her customer was comfortable and had everything he needed before telling us, “I can’t thank Karen, my care manager, enough for nominating me and for having faith in me for what I do.”

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Miles, awarded for excellence every time

Miles, our carer of the month, with customer Dan

Miles, a skateboard-loving carer from Wimbledon who joined us at the start of 2017, has shown time and again his desire to make a difference to other people’s lives.

Dan (left) is one gentleman whom Miles has been supporting for some time. Miles helps him to attend his physiotherapy and rehabilitation sessions, and they have both bonded over their strong love of sport and music.

Miles’s manager, Rebecca, explains, “The biggest achievement of all is that Dan is nearing the end of his rehabilitation course at the hospital and will be going back to work. He has come on such a long way since I met him. Miles will be accompanying him to the school where he works five days a week and they will be assisting the Head of PE. This is such an amazing outcome!”

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