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Colette wins an award for living our company values

Colette with her palliative care customer and family

Colette, one of our live-in carers, has been with us since 2015. During this time, she’s been involved in supporting individuals requiring palliative care and those living with dementia. This month, because of the dedication she shows her customers, we were delighted to surprise Colette with the Helping Hands Building on Success award.

Giving people the best possible care

Already possessing a wealth of experience as a carer, Colette received high praise from our training team during her induction week and her Live-in Care Manager, Karen Graham. She always aims to build a great relationship with her customers and their families, developing her skills along the way in order to provide her future customers with the same high level of care.

More recently, Colette has been helping a Derbyshire family whose loved one is receiving palliative care. As we presented Colette with her award, we were able to witness first-hand her compassionate nature and approach.

“Colette will always give our customers an amazing experience during their time with Helping Hands,” Karen says. “This has been proven by Colette being requested as their carer in advance.”

Colette’s experience as a carer

Colette’s journey with Helping Hands has seen her support people living with dementia, cancer, strokes and various other conditions. With each new customer, Colette does everything possible to understand what matters most to them and how she can support them in the best possible way.

Over the course of her time with Helping Hands, Colette has shown great empathy and an eagerness to make her customers feel comfortable within their own homes. It’s this understanding and emotional support, as well as Colette’s determination to provide the best service, which resulted in her being nominated for her award.

“The sort of carer we’d like our parents to have”

Presenting the award was our Finance Director, Andrew, who said, “I was delighted to select and present Colette with the Building on Success values award. She’s the sort of carer we’d like our parents to have and we’re proud of the hard work that she’s done during her time with us.”

Colette, our Building on Success champion As she received her award, Colette said, “It made me feel that I was appreciated within the company for all my hard work. I can’t thank Karen, my care manager, enough for nominating me and for having faith in me for what I do.”

Helping talented carers like Colette fulfil their potential is something we constantly strive for. All of our live-in carers have the support of a dedicated mentor and manager to answer any questions that they might have.

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