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Spotlight on Helen Dautrive – one of our Clinical Nurse Specialists

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Posted on 13th March 2017.

Helen DautriveArranging the right care and support for our customers and their families rarely just ‘happens’ – there is a lot to consider. It is incredibly important that we get this right, that we ensure the customer and the things that are important to them are at the forefront of the package of care we put together, such as whether they need to take specific medication or if they have a certain routine that they need to follow. This is particularly key when supporting an individual with complex care needs.

There are many conditions that our team of clinical nurses support, including motor neurone disease, Parkinson’s, spinal injuries and individuals who may rely on specialist equipment, such as ventilators and colostomy bags. Our clinical nurse specialists (CNSs) are at the forefront of their practice and they use their years of experience to select carers who have the right combination of clinical training, personality and experience to ensure the perfect match between carer and customer.

Helen Dautrive is one of our Clinical Nurse Specialists and began her care career back in 1983. Since then, she has worked with individuals of various ages though she has particular expertise in supporting younger people. Her expertise also covers cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, spinal injuries, and cancer of the throat and neck. She also brings extensive experience of carrying out enteral feeding. One aspect of Helen’s approach to care that never changes is her commitment to providing a safe and comfortable environment for those in her care, enabling them to remain within their own homes and in touch with their communities.

“There is a saying; ‘do unto others as you would have them do unto you’. This is how I work every day with customers,” Helen says. “I hadn’t come across live-in care before I was asked to work with Helping Hands, but I quickly realised how much of a difference it makes. Continuity of support for a 24-hour period from a professional and passionate carer has so many benefits and gives our customers control over their lives.”As a registered nurse with Helping Hands, Helen draws upon her wealth of expertise and her strong sense of empathy to carry out detailed face-to-face assessments with her customers. This enables her to fully understand what they require from their carer, as well as being there to reassure their family that they will have the best possible support for their loved one. In addition, Helen shares her extensive knowledge with our carers, actively ensuring that they are confident with all aspects of clinical care and complex conditions.

“I have witnessed the distressing impact being removed from home can have on people’s wellbeing and quality of life,” Helen explains. “As a Helping Hands Clinical Nurse Specialist, I have the opportunity to work with people who are committed to care, who look at things holistically, and who have a ‘can-do’ attitude.”

Helen frequently collaborates with other healthcare professionals to implement the care that gives the best support to her customers and their families. She is also a member of the Nursing and Midwifery Council. As the needs of our customers can change without warning, Helen monitors any complications and developments, enabling her to support change in difficult and stressful situations. She is always available to carers, customers, and family members during end of life care, providing advice and holistic support throughout these difficult times.

“I would like to think, that come the time when I need care myself, I would be able to remain in a familiar environment that gives me comfort, safety, and surrounds me with my memories,” says Helen. “I would like to think I’d have a carer who is kind and compassionate enough to support me in my own home – someone who treats me with dignity and respect for who I have been, and for who I am now.”
Helen and our team of clinical nurse specialists all understand that the families of their customers may feel worried about the prospect of a carer coming in to support them. They are always on hand answer any questions and, crucially, demonstrate great empathy at each stage of the care journey.It is incredibly straightforward to arrange clinical care within the home; here at Helping Hands, we can manage every step of the care process. Call our dedicated care team on free phone 0808 223 2809 for more information, or download our free ebook care guide. We are always here to help.
Sally Tomkotowicz