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How does being a carer fit in with my lifestyle?

Carla, a live-in carer

Live-in carer, Carla, with Peter

All of our carers have their own stories to share and a variety of reasons for deciding on a career in care. Many of them tell us how much they enjoy the flexibility of being a carer and how it fits in with their lifestyle.

What all of our private carers share is the same passion and enthusiasm for helping others. Let’s a meet a few of them to see what they say.

The flexibility of visiting care

“I wanted to stay at home with my children in the daytime and work evening and weekends around my husband’s job.”
Sarah, a visiting carer

Our visiting carers carry out a number of visits each day, starting from 30 minutes, through to several hours. Many of them, like Sarah, work around their other priorities, such as childcare.

Working from one of our local branches, our visiting carers also carry out overnight and short-term respite care, which allows them to fit in a rewarding career around other commitments. And with such a diverse team of carers, we’re always able to match them and our customers based on personality and interests.

Carers from overseas

“I came across Helping Hands during a search on the internet looking for new opportunities abroad. What attracted me was that it was possible to live and work in Britain, a country that has a wealth of history, and then you look at the rest of the neighbouring countries and all the different cultures just a few hours away. That was huge for me.”
Mareta, a live-in carer

Many of our live-in carers join us from countries all across Europe, and even further afield. We have welcomed carers from Australia, South Africa, and Zimbabwe. Several of them have experience from looking after members of their own families.

By living with their customers in their own homes, our carers can not only experience life here in the UK, but they can also use the skills they have learnt in the past to help people achieve the lifestyle they want to have.

Read how one of our carers made a dream holiday to Australia come true for their customer.

Starting a new career in care

“I wanted a fresh challenge, to work in my home area, and also to achieve a healthier work/life balance. Although I hadn’t considered care work before, events in my life had guided me towards it. It was a huge leap for me, but I felt confident that I had the potential to become an excellent carer.”
Richard, a visiting carer

With full training provided for both live-in and visiting carers, experience isn’t always necessary at Helping Hands. Our award-winning team of trainers will be there to teach you everything that you need to know, such as how to carry out personal care, through to safe moving and handling.

Every single week of the year we’re training new live-in carers at our training centre in Warwickshire. Our local branches hold training events for visiting carers throughout the year too.

More mature carers

A customer with Viki, her live-in carer

Viki with her customer

“It is more than being a carer, I am sharing a house with somebody. Janice is like family to me so that’s how I care for her.”
Viki, a live-in carer

Many of our carers see care as a chance to use their own experiences to help someone live independently. Some of them have families that have flown the nest or are looking to get back into work after a period of absence. They also have various life skills that they incorporate into their work.

Want to find out more?

We’re always on the lookout for new carers to join our team, with live-in and visiting care roles available across England and Wales. Call us today on 0843 634 2147 for more information or visit our careers page.

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