Overseas Carers

Is There Enough Care Work For Me?

The simple answer is yes, we have lots of care work opportunities and lots of customers who are looking for live-in carers just like you.

Ursula t-shirtHelping Hands is the largest live-in care company in the UK and we are constantly growing. Every day, customers and their families contact us needing care, so we need new carers every day too. We have lots of work available and many regular placements, employing carers from over 50+ countries and we provide work all year round.

Because we cover the whole of England and Wales, our overseas carers can request to be attached to a region that might be close to friends and family. This way, when you have time off it won’t be too far to travel to visit them. Or there might be a particular part of the country that you have always wanted to visit – why not take in the sights of London, enjoy the English countryside or visit William Shakespeare’s birth place in Warwickshire? We have regions in the ‘North’, ‘East’, ‘South East’ and ‘Central’ areas of England and Wales so there will be placements to suit you.

There are also live-in care placements with customers who have lots of different needs. You might be particularly interested in caring for someone that has dementia – this can be challenging but also very rewarding. The difference our dementia carers make is wonderful. Can you see yourself in this role? Or you might enjoy looking after one of our many young adults – perhaps a student at university that has a spinal injury and needs help with their personal care? You’ll also be there to help them enjoy the great day to day life of being a student! Placements you can work on range from customers who just want a friend to customers who might have had a stroke, have Parkinson’s, or someone that is coming to the end of their life and wants to die with dignity at home. In each placement you can make a real difference.

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