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Can I Be A Helping Hands Carer?

We have a logo that says ‘You know what matters.’ If you know what matters to people who need care then you are the right sort of person to be a Helping Hands carer.

Care comes from the heart. It isn’t about qualifications and experience (although these things are important too); care is about caring. Helping Hands carers care that their customer is happy, comfortable and as independent as possible.

Helping Hands carers get to know their customers and soon learn what they like to have on their toast in the morning and which pair of shoes they like to take a walk in. Over time you will know what matters to your customer too, and will know in your heart that it is not only quality care that makes a difference but also the little things you can do for that person. If you are someone that cares and truly values the needs and wishes of other people then we would love to hear from you.

Every single one of our carers receives Helping Hands’ award winning training and you will be supported throughout your career with us. Some of our best carers have never professionally cared for anyone before they came to Helping Hands. We are here to support you and you are there to compassionately support your customer – together we make a great team.

Deciding to leave home and work in a foreign country is a big decision and many of our foreign and ex-pat carers tell us it is a decision they did not take lightly. Working in care and within the UK can be a wonderful, life fulfilling experience; and all of our carers are welcomed into the heart of the Helping Hands family.  Read Alison’s experience.

Steve Elmes is an inexperienced carer who came from Romania to be a Helping Hands carer.


Experienced carers

We also have many wonderful carers that come to us with lots of practical experience. We find this beneficial as you will be able to use the skills you have learnt over time to care for new people, and colleagues can learn from you too.

Learning never stops in care though, so even if you have lots of experience and qualifications we will still train you and provide continuous career development throughout your care career so your knowledge can go from strength to strength.

Rebecca is an experienced carer that came to work for Helping Hands from Holland. Click to find out more about Rebecca’s journey as a carer.

Right to work in the UK

EU CardRegardless of your experience and qualifications, all carers joining us at Helping Hands must have the right to work in the UK. This means your national status is on the list of European Economic Countries. It’s also useful to do an overseas police check within your own country.

The following documents are needed for a UK citizen applying for the role of a carer:

  • Passport or British Birth certificate
  • Proof of current address
  • Driving license (card and counterpart) if applicable
  • National insurance numberThe following documents are needed for an EEA citizen:
  • Passport
  • Proof of current address
  • Driving license (if applicable)
  • EU card (if applicable)The following documents are needed for a Non EEA citizen:
  • Passport
  • Proof of your right to work in the UK (visa)
  • Proof of address
  • Driving license (if applicable)
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