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Kitchen aids for elderly and disabled people living alone

Tin openers for the elderly and disabled

Living with disabilities or age-related frailties can make certain tasks more difficult, but by utilising specially designed equipment, independence can be maintained in the home you love.

Universal Jar and Bottle Opener

A simple solution for making opening jars and bottles that bit easier. Especially useful for users with limited dexterity.

OpenInOne Automatic Jar Opener

A truly useful kitchen aid for people who struggle with a weakened grip. It removes the lid in just one turn thanks to the large push button that operates it. Requires two AA batteries.

Tornado Tin Opener

Helps people who struggle with their grip or those with arthritis. Can be operated one-handed too.

Safety kettle for the elderly and disabled

A heavy kettle can be a safety hazard for someone living with disabilities or age-related frailties, with the potential to cause serious accidents if they get dropped, or hot water spilt. There are alternatives on the market that can help to preserve your independence at home though, such as hot water dispensers that sit on a worktop and have a cup placed underneath, plus kettle tippers that cradle the device for easy pouring.

Uccello Kettle

For people with a weakened grip, limited reach, or lack of dexterity, the Uccello kettle is designed to safely deliver hot water, thanks to its no-lift, tipping motion.

Breville VKJ142 – Electric Kettle

Another option to avoid having to lift a heavy kettle is to use a hot water dispenser. These utilise a built-in tank that is easily filled with a small jug and then dispense heated water via a spout into a cup placed underneath. Or why not enjoy early morning tea as it was decades ago, with a teasmade?

NRS Healthcare Cordless Kettle Tipper

If you are happy with your existing kettle and would like to keep using it, a kettle tipper is a useful solution. Placing your existing kettle inside will mean you don’t have to lift it and can safely pour hot water.

Modified cutlery for the elderly and disabled

Using cutlery that has been especially designed for people with dexterity difficulties can make all the difference at mealtimes. Being able to feed yourself for as long as possible will maintain independence, and by using equipment especially designed for someone living with the same condition, you’ll find it comfortable and straightforward to operate.

BIG-GRIP Cutlery Set/Assessment Kit – Weighted

Stainless steel, weighted cutlery set for enhanced control at mealtimes. Latex-free rubber handles and a comfortable grip means independence can be preserved for longer. This set is also available in a non-weighted version.

Newstead Angled Cutlery

Parts of this range come in both left and right-handed versions and are particularly suitable if you have limited wrist or arm movements. The angled head is set at 40 degrees but can be adjusted to the individual’s own comfort levels.

NRS Healthcare Ultralite Handles Pack of 5 – Large

By purchasing handles that can be slipped over existing tableware, you can have all of the convenience of adapted cutlery without the additional expense. It’ll also cut down the space needed for storage and avoid superfluous equipment being in the house.

Perching stools for the elderly and disabled

Being able to access the kitchen by yourself can help to keep you independent at home for longer, however the fear of falling can understandably make some people anxious about carrying out tasks in the kitchen. A perching stool is just what it sounds like – a tall, adjustable stool that allows you to ‘perch’ when carrying out tasks at your kitchen worktops. The seat is gently sloping to improve posture, giving extra confidence to someone who has reduced strength, stamina, or balance. Perching stools allow you stability to still carry out standing tasks, such as washing up and baking, and come in all heights and widths to suit users’ own needs.

Malling Perching Stool with Padded Back

Height adjustable and with side-mounted stress bars, this stool has padded back support and seat for maximum comfort. This stool also has the benefit of being suitable for users up to 25 stone (159kg).

Sherwood Folding Perching Stool with Backrest

Offering additional convenience in small spaces, foldable perching stools can be tucked away when not in use, so ideal for compact kitchens. Padded and with adjustable height, this stool offers the comfort and safety of other stools, but with convenience too.

Height Adjustable Perching Stool – Standard

Perching stools also come in backless and armless varieties for users who don’t require the additional support, and some of these types can work out to be a much more budget-friendly option. This stool also has the benefit of supporting users up to 30 stone (190 kg).

How Helping Hands can help elderly and disabled people living alone

Helping Hands have been supporting people to remain as independent as possible in their own homes for more than 30 years, so we really are the home care experts. We’ve cared for thousands of people living with disabilities or age-related frailties and our packages of support are flexibly tailored to you so that they can change if your needs do. Whether you need us once a week, several times a day, or around the clock we can be there for you quickly, and our friendly carers and support assistants can undertake any tasks that will enable you to remain living independently at home. Our carers will never take over in your home though – they’ll focus on encouraging you to do tasks yourself while supporting you to achieve positive results every time. Our amazing carers across England and Wales work tirelessly to ensure you stay as safe and comfortable at home as possible, whether that’s helping you with your mobility, medication, personal care, or housework. Our exceptional visiting care or live-in care will also offer your loved ones added reassurance that you’re supported at home and not having to cope alone every day.

While they begin as a supportive stranger, your carer will quickly become a friend; someone you look forward to seeing and who helps you to get the most out of your life, every single day. They will be carefully matched to your interests and support needs to make sure you are happy in their company, and we thoroughly check backgrounds and references so that you can be confident they are suitable to be in your home. Our carers will also be instructed on the type of equipment you need to use in your daily life, and they will be able to support you around your home and outside of it, if you enjoy accessing the local community.
If you would like to find out more, our 150-strong branch network means there will undoubtedly be one near you, and to find it you can click here. You can also chat to our friendly customer care team online or over the phone, seven days a week.