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Palliative Care in Barnet

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What Barnet Palliative Care Services are Available?

If you are looking for palliative care services in Barnet and the surrounding areas you should consider Helping Hands, as we have over 30 years of experience supporting our palliative care customers in their own homes. When a loved one is considered palliative, it will be an emotional time for all involved and loved ones will need to be supported too, as well as taking care of the more practical questions of care.

Even though it can be difficult, it’s important to have conversations with the person who is ill to discover how they would like to be looked after during, and after treatment, so that their wishes can be carried out in full. Palliative care used to only be carried out in hospices or care homes, whereas it is now being recognised that more and more people wish to stay in the home they love for their palliative and end of life care, with the people they love around them, as well as precious pets and personal mementoes that remind everyone of a life well-lived.

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End of Life Care Options in Barnet

Palliative care can go on for years before someone is considered to be at end of life, so you need to know that when you require a continuation of care that we are the ones to choose. Your small team of carers will ensure that you get to know everyone who cares for you and ensure your care is always carried out expertly. All of our home carers are selected because of their naturally compassionate natures; after all, we can train our carers on how to carry out their duties but not on how to care about others. Whether you require a visiting or live-in carer to support you or your loved one in the last few weeks and days of life, we can adjust your care to accommodate your needs, whatever they are. If you need several calls a day or would be happier with around the clock, live-in care, then we will be there for you whenever you need us. Our carers won’t just consider the physical aspects of your care though, they will also ensure, as part of a wider team, that emotional, spiritual and holistic wishes are taken into account as well.

Why Choose our Barnet Palliative Care Team?

Our compassionate and professional home care Barnet team will be able to undertake all of your or your loved ones’ palliative care, most likely as part of a wider integrated team of healthcare professionals. Our carers are highly trained when they join us and they also shadow an experienced carer before attending to their own calls, so we are very conscientious about ensuring they are fully prepared to support their customers to the highest possible standards. In addition, you will have a personalised support plan that will detail every aspect of your care and our person-centred focus will guarantee that you’re always kept firmly at the centre of your care journey. Our home carers will always act with calmness and dignity to ensure that your loved one’s palliative care journey is as peaceful as they want it to be, allowing you the chance to be with them and ensuring that the family’s feelings are observed too. It’s important that loved ones’ feelings are also taken into account and your carer will be able to support the whole family in what is a very emotional time for all involved.

How to Arrange Palliative Care in Barnet

To find out more about palliative care in Barnet, talk to our friendly customer care specialists today on 0333 222 8231. They’re available seven days a week for your convenience, or if you prefer, contact us via our website and we’ll happily call you back.