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Dementia care in Beeston

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Beeston dementia care from Helping Hands

Caring for someone with dementia brings its own set of worries but can also be immensely rewarding. In the early stages of the condition the person living with dementia can have worries about whether they’re going to have to move into residential care, and as the condition progresses loved ones’ thoughts can understandably turn to end-of-life and how things will be different. There can be lighter days though and a diagnosis of dementia, while something to talk about as a family and make plans for, doesn’t mean that there won’t be moments to cherish on the journey. For instance, when you feel that your loved one no longer recognises you but on one precious day they call you by name; these things can happen, and while life will undoubtedly be different after diagnosis, it certainly doesn’t mean that it’s over.

Confusion and forgetfulness are usually the first signs that lead someone to seek medical advice, but as there are actually over 100 different types of dementia it can manifest in other ways too. The most well-known types are Alzheimer’s, Lewy Body and vascular dementia, although many rarer types exist, as well as other conditions that can lead onto dementia, such as Parkinson’s. For expert advice and support for whatever stage of your dementia journey you or a loved one is on, talk to the friendly team in Beeston about how they could be caring for you.

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Why dementia home care is a good option

Remaining in your own home can be a positive option for any diagnosed condition, but as familiarity and routine can be highly beneficial for a person living with dementia, being around people, pets and possessions that hold emotional meaning can make all the difference to their quality of life. Emotion plays a huge part in how a person with dementia recognises those around them, as the part of the brain that controls emotion isn’t affected by the condition. Consequently, hearing a loved one’s voice or burying their face in a beloved pet’s fur can mean that they feel safe and less anxious at that time, which is one of the reasons why having care at home is so beneficial.  Maybe it’s the smell of the roses in their beloved garden that relaxes them, but whatever the cause, having one of the Beeston carer’s compassionate and empathetic carers in your home will make all the difference.

Dementia care services tailored to you

Dementia care at home can take the form of visiting calls, when a carer comes to you at pre-arranged times of day to support you with particular tasks such as personal care or at mealtimes, or live-in care, where your carer resides in your home with you and is consequently there around the clock. They can support you with every aspect of your daily life, whether in conjunction with your loved ones or solely responsible for your care, and with Helping Hands you also get a huge network of support staff, including our own clinical nurse team who are invaluable when dementia reaches its more advanced stages. Carers can support with mobility, personal care, meal preparation, nutrition, medication, and so much more, so for more information speak to the friendly and expert care team in Beeston.

Qualified dementia carers in Beeston

Helping Hands is a member of the Dementia Action Alliance, a partnership amongst organisations who strive to support people living with dementia to have their best quality of life possible. We are dementia specialists because we have been supporting people living with dementia to remain in their own homes for over 30 years, and we have superior carer training that ensures every employee benefits from expert instruction and guidance. We work tirelessly to support our customers and their families, and our carers are the best in the industry; frequently ‘going the extra mile’ for their customers, without even being asked. Additionally, we are regulated by the Care Quality Commission and the Care Inspectorate Wales, which demonstrates our commitment to industry standards and guidelines, so you can be confident that every member of Helping Hands staff shares the same aims.

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