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Dementia care in Bexley

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Bexley dementia support from Helping Hands

Dementia is an umbrella term for a range of progressive symptoms and conditions that contribute to cognitive decline. Even though you may be relieved to have finally received a diagnosis after months of uncertainty, you and your loved ones will no doubt have lots of questions about what your future will be like and whether you will eventually need care. While you may not require any additional support outside of the family in the initial stages of your dementia journey, you may find that as time goes on it becomes too much for loved ones to manage alone, so some level of professional dementia care may be necessary. Because Helping Hands have been supporting people to live well with dementia in their own homes for more than 30 years, we are the company to trust with your dementia care at home, and our friendly Bexley care team will be able to guide you through the process from your very first call.

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Why dementia home care is a good option

Remaining at home for your dementia care is an increasingly popular choice for people who adore their own home and don’t want to leave it just because they need additional support. With Helping Hands you can have care delivered at home on either a visiting care or live-in care basis and we will always ensure your bespoke package of care is designed especially with you in mind. Because we’ve been supporting people living with dementia to live their best lives at home for so long, we really do understand how best to care for someone living with Alzheimer’s, Lewy Body, vascular or one of the other over 100 types of conditions that can lead to dementia.

Dementia care services tailored to you

Your package of dementia care will be tailored to your exact needs, whether it be one visit per week to give your family member some respite, several calls per day or around the clock live-in care. Depending on what stage of your dementia journey you are at, your needs may be mild or severe, but regardless, we will also deliver the same high standards of care to you at home. Our carers can support you with every aspect of your daily routine, including personal care, medication, meal preparation, mobility support, housework, laundry, accessing the community, and so much more.

Qualified dementia carers in Bexley

Our carers really are the heart of our business because they support our customers and their loved ones endlessly, recognising the importance of their homes and that they’re not just buildings, but treasured surroundings that hold decades’ worth of cherished memories. We carefully select our carers as we only want people working for us who have naturally occurring levels of compassion and kindness, knowing that if a person lives by the same ethos that we do then they’ll always look after our customers to the standards we demand. We train our carers well so that they understand how best to care for you and also offer them continuous opportunities to develop so that their existing skills and experience are always being strengthened. In addition, we keep you safe by guaranteeing to thoroughly check their background and scree them through the DBS before every allowing them to enter your home. Finally, we’re fully regulated by the Care Quality Commission and Care Inspectorate Wales, which demonstrates our commitment to always delivering consistently high standards of care.

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Discover more about our dementia care services in Bexley by calling our friendly customer care team today, or seven days a week. Or, if you prefer, you can contact us via our website, and we’ll be happy to call you back.