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Dementia care in Cardiff

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Cardiff dementia support from Helping Hands

A diagnosis of dementia is generally quite a gradual process, when family members start to notice that their loved one may be becoming a bit forgetful or struggling to find the words in conversations. Sadly, as the condition progresses, things can become more difficult, which is why many people opt for additional support at home.

Whether they have Alzheimer’s, vascular dementia or Pick’s disease, every single person has their own unique care needs, which is why our Cardiff carers will ensure that they get to know your loved one, their routines, hobbies and preferences, so that their care can be completely tailored to them.

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Why dementia home care is a good option

There are lots of things to consider when your loved one has dementia; how can I make them feel comfortable at home? Do they need to go to a care home? What will happen when they don’t recognise me anymore? With dementia home care from our empathetic team in Cardiff, you can rest assured that your loved one will be completely taken care of in a way that is meaningful to them, whilst maintaining their independence and dignity.

Home care is a direct alternative to residential care, allowing those at any stage of dementia to live safely, comfortably and peacefully in the familiar surroundings of their own home. You won’t have to worry about them having to get used to lots of different carer workers or being given set mealtimes or wake up calls. We’ll ensure that the same care workers take care of your loved one, enabling them to build up a rapport with them and provide them with consistent, person-centred care.

Dementia care services tailored to you

There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach when it comes to dementia care. We understand how different each individual with dementia is and how their own symptoms may change from day to day, so we’ll make sure that their support plan is centred around them and allows flexibility for things to change. So, one day they may want to do some light gardening with their care worker or perhaps reminisce near to their childhood home in Cardiff, whereas on another day they may be feeling slightly more anxious and just want to stay at home with the companionship of their trusted care worker.

As well as emotional support, our care workers can provide support little and often, perhaps more suitable for the early stages of dementia, all the way up to full time live-in care, where a care worker will live with your loved one in their home and provide round-the-clock support during the mid to late stages of the condition. Tasks can involve assistance with washing and dressing, medication, mobility, meal preparation, shopping and housework – giving you all peace of mind that your loved one is getting exactly the right level of support for them.

Qualified dementia care workers in Cardiff

Caring for someone who has dementia is an extremely rewarding job, and it’s something that as dementia specialists, we pride ourselves on being able to deliver to an exceptional standard. With over 850,000 people diagnosed with some form of dementia in the UK, it’s more important than ever that we are able to provide the right type of care to our current and future customers, which is why we ensure that every single one of our care workers receive dementia training when they start working for us, and regular refresher courses throughout their time with us. Training covers how to support someone who has memory difficulties, understanding what it feels like to have dementia with our 4D experience, adapting to changing needs, challenging behaviour and supporting families.

Helping Hands Cardiff is also fully regulated by the Care Inspectorate Wales (CIW), the governing body for care in Wales. They ensure that we are providing safe, effective and responsive care to those who we support across the country, as well as providing appropriate training to all of our care workers.

Contact us for dementia support

If your family has just received a diagnosis of dementia or you want to ensure that your loved one can remain living in their home but need extra support to do so, get in touch with us today by calling our customer care specialist team. They’re available seven days a week and will be able to get to know you and your situation and will also be able to book a home visit with our friendly team in Cardiff.