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Home care in Evesham

Why choose home care at Helping Hands Evesham?

Nestled in the beautiful Vale and occupying a bend in the river Avon, Evesham isn’t just home to spectacular scenery; it also hosts one of the UK’s biggest home care providers, Helping Hands. The friendly team at the Evesham branch will be happy to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed choice about your care options, so why not have a chat with them today? Whether you’re living with a specific condition, find you’re less active due to general frailties or you need a more complex level of care, we can assist you with everything you need, from the comfort of your own home.

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What’s included with home care at Helping Hands?

Regardless of your needs, our friendly carers in Evesham can help. Whether you are living with dementia, multiple sclerosis, recovering from a fall or have just had an operation, we are flexible to your needs and will always ensure you are put at the forefront of your own care planning. For over 30 thirty years, Helping Hands have been caring for people in their own homes and consequently we’re an industry leader. That’s why people trust us to care for themselves or their loved ones.

Visits from one of our dedicated carers start from just 30 minutes and go all the way up to full-time, live-in care, so whatever your requirements, we can provide the care you need. Perhaps you’d appreciate help with lighter tasks such as housework or preparing meals? Maybe you enjoy baking and would love some support with it, or perhaps you’d like someone to walk your dog with you? Possibly you are living with a condition that is suddenly interfering with your daily life more as it develops, or you are recovering from an operation? Your carer will assist you with every aspect of your life, from personal care to mobility, medication to attending appointments; whatever you need, we can do.

Why you may need home care in Evesham

Carers for limited hour visits

When you arrange home care with the Evesham branch you don’t just get supportive managers and dedicated carers, you get the knowhow and experience of every person, all working together to ensure you or your loved one gets the very best care possible. With visits starting from 30 minutes, you may just appreciate a tasty lunch prepared for you, or the vacuum cleaner taken around, or if you arrange a longer visit it may involve getting you ready to face the day and taking you around the shops, or even for coffee and cake! If it’s the night-times that you struggle with then our carers can help keep you company, administer your medication or whatever you may need during the hours of darkness. It can be hard being awake when those around you are all asleep, so why not have an overnight carer to ensure anything you need is taken care of?

Intermittent long-term visits

If you’re the one who delivers the care you will know how important it is to take regular breaks, however you may not always do so, due to the worry of finding respite care that will be suitable for your loved one. Talk to the Evesham branch about short or longer-term support and you will discover flexible care options delivered under personalised support plans that ensure your loved one will be cared for as if you were still there.

Carers for immediate situations

Emergencies can catch us all off-guard by their very nature, however needing emergency care for yourself or a loved one can be a very stressful and anxious time. The Evesham team can install a carer in the customer’s home within hours where necessary, meaning that an unexpected hospital discharge or recovery after an accident needn’t mean you having to pause your own life to care for a loved one, however much you’d want to.

Home carers in Evesham

Louise and her team in Evesham will be happy to discuss your care options with you; guiding you through the process and explaining just how they can support you. They recruit and select their carers locally, meaning that each one is familiar with the area and the attractions you may like to visit; and because Helping Hands isn’t an agency, every carer is employed directly, leading to a happier and more motivated workforce. Every employee undertakes a rigorous programme of work-based learning when they join the company and this learning continues throughout their employment journey. Additionally, Helping Hands is fully accredited and regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), and the Evesham branch was considered safe, effective, caring and responsive during its recent registration.

How to arrange home care in Evesham

Please don’t hesitate to call our helpful customer care specialists, seven days a week, to discover how we could be caring for you or your loved ones.

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