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Palliative Care in Ipswich

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What Ipswich Palliative Care Services are available?

It used to be that palliative care would always be carried out in hospital, hospices or care homes, however more recently it has become many people’s wish to be in their own home as their condition is managed, until the last days of their life. For people living in Ipswich and the surrounding areas, Helping Hands are the expert choice when it comes to supporting our customers with their palliative care needs, due to our flexible, person-centred service that sees our carers come to you on either a visiting or live-in basis.

Palliative care can go on for a long time before end of life, and our customers deserve to be looked after by carers who are compassionate and professional and will do everything they can to support the very best quality of life at all times.

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End of Life Care Options in Ipswich

When a person’s condition can no longer be improved through treatment or medication then they will usually change from being palliative to being considered at the end of their life, requiring end of life care. This doesn’t mean that the person is immediately about to pass away though, as end of life can be considered the last few weeks of life too. Our carers have supported many of our customers at the end of their life – making sure that they are able to pass over with dignity and peace at all times, as well as ensuring that their holistic and spiritual needs are taken care of too. This is also important for the family, and our carers are also able to emotionally support the customers’ loved ones at such a difficult time.

Why Choose our Ipswich Palliative Care Team?

Our home care Ipswich team are incredibly supportive of all of our customers and their loved ones, helping them to come to terms with such a difficult time, usually as part of a wider multi-agency team including NHS staff from your local community. Remaining at home for palliative care can be highly beneficial for someone who loves their home and doesn’t want to leave it, meaning they get to stay in the place they love, with the people and pets they cherish around them until the very end. Our live in care in Ipswich team are able to be with you on either a visiting basis, where they come at prearranged times as often as you need them, or as a resident in your home, meaning they are with you around the clock if you require support day or night. Being able to see a beloved pet every day or looking out at a view that you’ve enjoyed for years can not only support your physical health but help you emotionally too, meaning that you get to live the way you’ve always loved, right to the end.

Our carers are all highly trained and are supervised by our clinical nurse team when complex care is involved, and our fully managed service will see you and your family supported by a local team at all times. We’re also regulated by the Care Quality Commission and Care Inspectorate Wales, so you can be confident in the expert service we deliver every day.

How to Arrange Palliative Care in Ipswich

Call us today to discover how we could be supporting you or your loved ones in the home you love. We’re available seven days a week to take your call or contact us via our website and we’ll be happy to call you back.