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Respite care in Oldham

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Respite care in Oldham

Our respite care team can provide you with a well-deserved break from your care-giving duties or support you whilst you are not needing care long-term. Whether it’s covering a day or a week for 30 minutes to full time live-in care, the level of care is completely tailored to your loved one. 

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Why choose our Oldham respite care team?

Helping Hands has been a leader in the home care industry for over 30 years, and we know that as rewarding as it is to care for a loved one, it’s also great to take a holiday or enjoy some downtime occasionally. Our carers will ensure that continuity of care is being delivered where it matters, so you can return feeling refreshed. What matters is your peace of mind and knowing that your loved one is being well looked after.


Oldham respite support from Helping Hands

Life doesn’t always go according to plan, but, luckily, there’s respite care to step in and help when your usual caregiver is unavailable, or simply needs to take a well-deserved break. Because Helping Hands tailors the level of care you receive to your unique situation, you have the freedom to opt for care for several days right up to full-time live-in care for more complex care needs.

When to choose respite care

Respite care is ideal for any situation where care needs are not ongoing. You may need to take a break from caring and arrange for someone to fill in for you with ordinary care tasks that you’d normally do for a loved one. Or you can seek respite care if you yourself are going on holiday and would like the extra assistance while away.

Sometimes the unexpected does happen – but you needn’t worry about an emergency, accident or family illness, because our Oldham care team will ensure there is someone there looking after your loved one while you tend to urgent matters. We can be set up and ready to fill in for you within 24 hours’ notice. Unexpected events aside, it’s important to take regular breaks from caring simply to recharge your own batteries and give yourself a break.

Our respite carers are also there to provide as-needed support should you be unwell or if you’ve returned from a hospital stay or procedure, and just need a little TLC as you get back on your feet. Respite care is also ideal for those situations where you occasionally need an extra pair of hands; for example, we can be there during special events like weddings or graduations to help with medications, mobility, or getting to your location safely.

We can be there for several days or a few weeks, supporting you or your loved ones with housework, personal care, errands, meals, medication, or just companionship during a difficult time.

Respite care services tailored to you

Helping Hands takes pride in our qualified, friendly and compassionate carers, and we have been providing respite care of an extremely high standard to people all over the UK since 1989. Respite care is by nature unpredictable, so we do our best to come up with solutions that fit your unique situation and genuinely improve your quality of life. We’re here when you need us.

Not only will our Helping Hands staff and carers do their best to support you in your hour of need, but you can also rest assured that you’re always receiving the highest quality care.

All personal care services are provided by our Care Quality Commission (CQC) registered office Helping Hands West Manchester, so you can be sure that the care you receive is routinely monitored for efficacy and safety. We’re also a founding member of the United Kingdom Health Care Association (UKHCA), and have a host of other accreditations. We like to think that it’s our highly trained and experienced carers that have earned us the positive testimonials and reviews we receive every day from happy customers.

Contact us for respite support

Naturally, emergencies or unexpected changes to plans can be stressful. It can be hard to know where to turn for respite care when you need it, but Helping Hands is standing by and listening – we’re willing to help where we can to ensure that you and your loved ones can get on with life as soon as possible. You can depend on us to step in and take care of business as usual while you tend to your own needs. If you’re considering respite care of any kind, give our friendly customer care specialist team a ring, and we’ll be more than happy to discuss how we can help you.