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Support during your hospital stay

Compassionate support at your bedside

A Helping Hands carer can provide dedicated support and a reassuring presence, even in hospital.

Being admitted to hospital can be a daunting and often distressing time, both for you and for your loved ones. However, being in hospital doesn’t mean you can no longer receive support from your regular carer.

Having your regular Helping Hands carer continue to assist you during your time in hospital can provide you with vital support and companionship, as well as giving your loved ones peace of mind that you’ve got someone looking after you and your home.

Here are some ways in which your regular carer can support you while you’re in hospital:

  • Bring home comforts – you can ask your carer to bring you anything you need from your home, such as books or cards
  • Look after your pets – your regular carer can feed, walk and take care of your furry friends until you get home
  • Doing the housework – your carer can make sure your home is kept clean and fresh while you’re away, ready for your return
  • Companionship – if there are days when your loved ones are unavailable, your carer can pop in for a visit

  • Liaise with staff – our carers can liaise with staff to ensure everyone’s kept up to date on your condition

  • Preparing food – your carer can enhance your hospital stay by bringing your favourite meals and nutritious snacks


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The benefits of keeping up your care in hospital

Retaining your carer means you know you’ve always got reliable, expert support on hand.

Regardless of how long you’re in for, being in hospital can be lonely and frustrating. Having your carer continue to support you during this time offers a real lifeline, especially if your loved ones are unable to visit on certain days. A carer also reassures your family and friends that your wellbeing is always being prioritised.

Here are three ways in which continued carer support can be majorly beneficial:

  • Continuation of care – your regular carers can continue to look after you in hospital, offering a friendly, familiar face and a source of companionship
  • Nutrition support – by continuing your current care package, we can ensure first hand your dietary requirements are met and even bring in your favourite dishes!

  • A smooth return home – when you need to return home, we’ll ensure the discharge goes smoothly so you’re able to get back to the place you love as soon as possible


Hospital support FAQs

Your carer can help you during your hospital in numerous ways – whether they’re offering you and your family emotional support, keeping your home just the way you like it, looking after your pets, or running errands for you.

While your carer isn’t able to provide medical support to you in hospital, they can work alongside your nurses to ensure you and your family fully understand the support you need while you’re in hospital, and also after you’ve been discharged.

Absolutely! If you want to mix up your meals and snacks, you can ask your carer to prepare you something specific – in line with your doctor’s recommendations, of course.