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Blackburn respite support from Helping Hands

Caring for another person is an incredibly rewarding thing to do but it can also leave someone exhausted, both physically and emotionally. This is why it’s so crucial that caregivers get to take a regular break from their duties, whether for a holiday, some ‘me’ time or to go and spend time with other family members.

Respite care is therefore sometimes necessary to ensure that your care continues seamlessly when your regular carer leaves for a while, and to ensure that you can stay at home and not have to relocate to a residential care, or nursing home. Our amazing Blackburn care team will compassionately support you at home and ensure your routine continues uninterrupted.

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What is respite care?

Respite care can be a great short-term solution when you need some cover to your usual care, or if you don’t require care normally but need a little extra support for a time. This can be for many reasons, including your carers holiday or your family members needing a break. It could even be that your family want you to go on holiday with them, but to ensure they get the rest they need, you decide to take a carer with you. Even if you never usually have a carer supporting you, perhaps you’ve been discharged from hospital and you’d appreciate some extra support while you get back on your feet.

When to choose respite care

It’s easy to neglect your own needs when you spend all of your time caring for someone else, however a carer can easily get burnt out if they don’t take care of themselves too. Therefore, taking a regular break is essential and that’s when a respite carer can be invaluable. By having respite care from Helping Hands, we can deliver care on either a visiting or live-in basis, whichever suits your needs better, meaning you get a seamless service at all times. Even in an emergency situation, when you need care at short notice, we can help.

Respite care services tailored to you

Our flexible respite services mean that we can tailor your care exactly to your routines, requirements and needs. You or your loved ones will receive the consistent care you need even though their regular carer isn’t available, meaning peace of mind for all of you at all times. Our visiting care service will see you having support from just 30 minutes per week, perhaps as a supplement to family carers or because your needs are mild.

We can also come to you throughout the day and can provide overnight care if it’s what you need, because we’ve been delivering exemplary homecare for over 30 years we really are experts. If you’d prefer the reassurance of having a carer with you around the clock, to offer care, support and companionship at all times, you may prefer to have live-in care instead. Whichever service you choose though, your carer will be able to deliver every aspect of your routine, including meal preparation, personal care, medication, housework and much more.

Qualified respite carers in Blackburn

Our carers really are the heart of everything we do at Helping Hands, as without their tireless work supporting thousands of our customers every day we’d have no business. We value our carers unendingly and to ensure we can rely on each and every one of them to deliver the highest standards of care at all times we only employ people who have naturally occurring qualities of empathy and compassion.

Once they’re working for us we train them thoroughly as we want to be able to develop their skills and build on their existing knowledge as industry standards evolve. We also value our customers’ safety above all else, which is why we carefully check our carers backgrounds and screen them through the Disclosure and Barring Service, meaning you can be confident about the people coming into your home. We’re also fully regulated by the Care Quality Commission and Care Inspectorate Wales too, meaning we are constantly evaluating our care services to ensure that our care standards are as high as they can be.

Contact us for respite care support

Our friendly customer care team are available seven days a week to advise you on your respite care options in the Blackburn area, so call them now to discover more. You can also contact us via our website or request a call back at your convenience.